March 11, 2021

Local SEO Services in Philadelphia

Are you a small business looking for Local SEO Services In Philadelphia?

Time to grow your business using Local SEO! If you are a small or local business in Philadelphia then we strongly suggest using Local Marketing tactics with Google and other search engines. Learn more below about our Local SEO Services in Philadelphia.

If you’re looking for Local SEO Services in Philadelphia, you’ve come to the right place. Momentum Digital has helped dozens of small businesses in Philadelphia grow their local online presence and increase their bottom line year after year. We believe success for small businesses relies heavily on their local online presence. 

In order for your business to stand out on Google Maps, GPS devices, and online directories such as Yelp, you will need to utilize local SEO services that our team of digital marketing experts can provide. Local SEO benefits include; 

  • Less competition
  • Higher visibility – You want to show up first when someone pulls out their phone to do a quick search. 
  • Increased click-through rates – this can stem from ranking in the top 5 in general, but it also helps to attract the right customers to your site. 
  • More foot traffic – Your business should be the first result a customer sees when doing a quick search. Let’s say you own a Café, and a customer is walking down Market Street. When they search for ‘coffee near me,’ do you want your business to rank first or are you okay with Starbucks taking all the glory? 
  • Increase in sales – the combination of local SEO benefits listed above is sure to increase your bottom line and we are here to guarantee that happens. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Ranking in the Philadelphia Local SEO Map Pack

Local seo ranking factors (1)

In short, there are 8 factors that contribute to ranking in Google Maps and the local map pack. These components include:

Google My Business: In reality, your business could function purely off of a Google My Business profile without a website. That is how important it is for your business to utilize this platform. Google loves when your business is getting reviews and behavioral signals to your profile. Just like a social media algorithm, results are based on the number of views and user engagement. That is why you will see businesses with hundreds of reviews and tons of pictures ranking higher in local results. A GMB profile displays a variety of information about your business, such as; 

  • Business name, phone number & address (commonly referred to as NAP)
  • Business descriptions
  • Reviews
  • Link to your website
  • Business category
  • Business hours
  • Products and services
  • Photos

On-page Signals: This is where you want to focus on keyword research for local keywords and long-tail keyphrases. What is a long-tail keyphrase? It’s probably what you used to find this article by Googling ‘Local SEO Services in Philadelphia.’ Strategically placing localized keywords into page titles (H1-H3), meta descriptions, and image alt tags is an absolute must for your business to rank at the top. 

Citations Signals: Business citations are one of the essential factors in local SEO and help users to discover local businesses. Citations also impact local search engine rankings. Mostly all digital marketers / SEO professionals start their careers managing citations and you will find most of these citations are basic with mostly every other business listed on them. What does that tell you? Well, it should give you a good perspective on how far behind your business will fall if it doesn’t do the “little things.”

Review Signals: Remember us mentioning how important reviews and engagement are? Sit back and think about when you go online to search for a business to fulfill your needs; do you tend to click on the ones with a few reviews or a ton? Just like you might guess, users are more likely to go with a business that provides them with reassurance before the purchase is made. Providing your potential customers with a way to find out how others view your products and services is a great way to turn a potential customer into a paying customer. 

Local Link Signals: Links are one of the largest ranking factors in Google’s algorithm (organic and Google Maps rankings). One of the best ways to start building local links is to utilize your existing relationships with local businesses. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia that does not directly offer public relations services, you can contact a local PR firm for links. This is also a great way to get your foot in the door and make connections with local business owners to utilize in the future. Mutual relationships go a long way. 

Behavioral / Social Signals: Just like review signals help you rank higher, user engagement plays an important role as well. Your business should be replying to every review it gets and regularly posting new pictures for users to view. You do not want a potential customer’s interest to fall short because they were turned off by your lack of visibility. 

Personalization: This is basically a combination of the above that is specific to your business. In other words, don’t be that generic business with a plain logo, website, and engagement response. You want to show customers that you are unique compared to everyone else. Anyone can provide local junk removal services but the ones that cater to their customers wants and needs will last much longer. 

Google My Business Optimization Updates for Local Business SEO

Local SEO is About Bringing Philadelphia Customers to You!

While working as digital marketers and SEO professionals, our team has found the best ways to bring customers to your local business. Our local search engine optimization strategy is customized to each client as we work with you to determine the pain points that need the most attention.   

For local businesses in Philadelphia, there are many ways to market your brand online. The majority of your potential customers will be using Google to find local businesses near them – businesses that this customer will spend their money at. To have your business show up in local search results is the key to a successful local business. Don’t believe us? Well, 80% of searches with a “local intent” result in a conversion. That means your competitors have a huge advantage over you. 

Check out our Google Local reviews and testimonials for more information! 

local seo marketing agencies philadelphia

Why You Should Hire A Local SEO Marketing Agency in Philadelphia?

Momentum Digital’s backyard is Center City, Philly, giving us the advantage of understanding what it takes to rank a business at the top of local results. We also have the advantage of being the bridge to the gap that small businesses are placed in. What does this mean for you? We have a deep understanding of how to rank in the Philly local results among the big players and we also have connections to other local businesses. Remember those links we were talking about building? 

We have worked with dozens of local businesses over the past 6 years; ranging from dentists, lawyers, retail, restaurants, eCommerce, local service businesses, and more! We LOVE working with small local businesses because we can meet in person and understand each other’s goals and desires. Momentum is located in Center City Philadelphia, but we have contractors and freelancers in the surrounding communities who work from home.

As an SEO marketing agency in Philly, we specialize in getting your business to rank higher in Google Local Listing through organic search results. SEO can be difficult and expensive, but we work with you on the price and communicate our services weekly with every single client.

Still feeling like you need a little push towards Local SEO Services in Philadelphia? Contact us today for a local SEO audit that we will review with you to show you exactly how we can improve your local rankings and increase your bottom line in 2021. 

Review the Local SEO Marketing Services and Pricing!

We review and perform a marketing audit for your Local SEO, Local Listings, Google My Business and Website! This audit gives us a starting point to understand and analyze your SEO before taking over!

Cost = $100 (or included in first month no retainer)

We audit, review, take over, manage and optimize your Google My Business Listings. This is our main focus for Local SEO marketing that drives a lot of search engine growth & results!

Cost = $350/month + 

Momentum provides Local SEO as well through citation building and backlinking. This involves creating free and paid local listings, citations, directories, social bookmarks, and backlinks. This builds your NAP credibility and consistency for Google and other search engines.

Cost = $350/month +

This process involves auditing, optimizing and managing your website for local seo marketing in Philly or in your local area. Unlike local listings like GMB, this focuses on your organic website SEO results getting your website to show up for local searches to drive new customers.

Cost = $350/month +

Here is the COMPLETE Full Local SEO Package that includes everything listed above: Local SEO Audit, Google My Business, Local SEO & Citations, & Local Website SEO. This takes a few months and is reasonably discounted. We do everything for you with a white-glove marketing service.

Cost = $900/month

Check out some of our examples where we applied our Best Philadelphia SEO Services to local small businesses in Philly!

Local SEO Marketing for a Dentist in Philly!

Local SEO Marketing for a Restaurant in Philly!

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