March 22, 2023

Logo Design vs Web Design: What’s More Important?

Logo Design vs Web Design; What’s more important? Which one should you do first? We have the answers!

Logo vs Web Design: Which One Should You Do First?

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, and you may have a lot questions and hard decisions to make. For instance, “Should I sell online, or not?” “Do I have to invest in a website, or is only social media good enough?” and especially, “Which one should be done first, Logo design or web design?”

Logo and website design both affect the image of your company and help differentiate your brand from other competitors. But which does your business need first? 

Ideally, it’s best if you do both at the same time. However, when starting up a new company, the budgets can be very tight, and you may have to make some compromises. So if your pockets are coming up a little empty, here we’ll help you determine what to invest in first – Logo Design vs Web Design.

Logo Design vs Web Design

Let’s begin with a short definition of logo design and web design. To put it simply, a logo is a graphic symbol that represents your business and allows customers can recognize the brand. It can be inspired by the company’s name, its abbreviation, a letter, or any related drawing.

Every day, we are bombarded with thousands of logos on bus stops, buildings, billboards, and Coffee Cups. Look around, Logos are everywhere! The goal of these logos is to remind us who they are associated with, and influence us to purchase from their businesses. Every Business needs a professional and recognizable logo to increase their brand recognition.

Websites allow prospects to interact directly with the brand. On a website you can learn about its products or services, and even order them. For this reason, every business owner needs a well-designed website to provide good customer service.

Generally speaking, web design includes planning and arranging different website elements, to ensure usability and easy access on various devices. 

Note that this process is not the same as web development. While web development deals with coding and the more technical parts, the former is a multi-step process of offering optimal usability and aesthetics.

Three Main Differences Web Design Vs Logo Design

There are a few key differences between designing a website and a logo. First, you should know that a logo is only one aspect of graphic design, which includes multiple parts such as illustrations, symbols, posters, brochures, and more. 

Once the process of designing the logo is finished and announced to the public, you cannot change it. Well, you CAN change it, but it is not recommended because you want as many people to recognize it as possible. Changing it often will confuse people and hurt your brand awareness. Your logo can still be slightly updated if needed, But generally speaking, changing a logo will require a lot of time and money to market your rebranding again. So it’s very very important to get a logo right on the first try!

On the other hand, developing a website is a much more dynamic process. The website can keep up with the new trends and offer a convenient user experience by constantly reviewing web pages and fixing errors.

Another difference between the two is that web designing is mainly focused on accessibility and user experience. Prospects can click on links, and images to open new content and learn more about the company and its services. But a logo design doesn’t offer any of these capabilities, and it only works as a resignation mark.

Logo Design vs Web Design
The Importance of a Logo Design

Why do you need a well-designed logo? How does it benefit your business? Here we’ll see why a professional logo can set your brand apart in the market:

Attracting Customers’ Attention

Every successful business owner would agree on the importance of leaving a lasting first impression. Powerful visuals like a professionally designed logo will leave a positive impact on customers’ memory for a long time.

Since a company’s logo is the first thing people see, it can pique their interest and encourage them to find out more about the brand and its services.

Forming Company’s Identity 

Graphic design is one of the main aspects of a brand’s identity. Using appropriate language, fonts, and colors, the logo shares a narrative about the business background, objectives, and values.

When aligned with other parts of a company’s identity, a professional logo can leave a strong impression on prospects, and attract them to the offered services. 

Recognizing the Brand Among Competitors

McDonald’s, Apple, Twitter, and Nike; as soon as we hear the words, we can picture their logos: the “Golden Arches“, a bitten apple, a bluebird, and the “Swoosh”

No matter whether you’re a fan of their products and services or not, their name stands out  among hundreds of other brands, simply because they boast the power of a good logo. A professional logo design can present your brand with its history and values. 

The Importance of Web Design

In today’s modern world, an online presence can determine the business’s role in the market. And web design is the key factor in how prospects experience working with your platform. Whether they find their desired information and service or get lost in the complex process and end up leaving the page, all depend on your web design

Therefore, it’s essential to design website pages with an optimal user experience. This will ultimately save you from pricey mistakes costing prospects and revenues.

Improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

One of the main objectives of website design is to reach high positions in search engine results. SEO uses keywords to and page optimization to prove to search engines like Google, that your website is a match!

A well-designed and fast website conveys a positive message to the Google search engine. It shows that the website has high standards and work put into it, allowing more prospects to find your brand and use the services.

Determining Audience Perception

A professional looking website design that provides a user-friendly platform leaves a positive impact on visitors. It can represent whether a business owner cares about his customers or not. An slow and unoptimized website causes frustration, leading prospects to leave for competitors with a site that works. Statistics show that unresponsiveness is the main reason why visitors leave an online store or website.

Building a Reliable Platform 

Whether you own a large company, or a small online store, a well-designed website shows your dedication and professionalism. Visitors generally don’t trust a poorly designed website with their sensitive information.

Thus, to attract customers, you should build trust by looking up-to-date and offering a smooth convenient experience. 

With more companies emerging in the online market, you need to provide prospects with a reason to choose your company. An excellent UI/UX design helps you outperform the competition, and present your brand effectively. 

web design vs logo design

Logo Design vs Web Design - Which One Should You Go for?

Now that we compared Logo Design vs Web Design, and how they both are beneficial to any business, Which one should you create first?

This is a tough decision, but many new small businesses have to face this in the beginning. Both a Logo and a Website are crucial , and no business can truly thrive with only one. A logo and Website complement each other, but also provide their own benefits.

However, if you absolutely can’t have both, we suggest getting a professionally designed logo first. Why? Because your logo will be the face of your company, and is not as easy to switch up and change like a website. That said, we strongly recommend creating a website soon after or getting one done professionally, learn more here: DIY Web Design: Pros and Cons

If you have any questions regarding logo design or web design, we’re here to help you. Contact our designing experts at Momentum Digital, and learn more about how you can grow your business with Digital Marketing.

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