September 29, 2017

Mac Frederick

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Mac Frederick

Founder & CEO of Momentum Digital

Our Founder, Mac Frederick, is a college athlete turned entrepreneur. Currently serving as Founder & CEO Momentum Digital, that of which he started with his co-founder in August of 2015 after leaving Google. Over the last 5 years, Mac was able to scale the agency to over 20 people and has worked with hundreds of small businesses. His entire mission is to provide digital momentum to small local businesses who need it the most.

Mac also owns Phone Repair Philly, now the #1 Electronics Repair company in Philadelphia. He uses that business to showcase his digital skills around SEO, Local SEO, and other various Marketing Services. He started this company in 2015 with $1000 and grew it to now 4 locations and 6000% in 24 months.

Strengths: Entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, digital marketing, SEO, PPC, networking, and business development.

Weaknesses: Organization, patience, and skateboarding.

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Getting Into Digital Marketing

Mac grew up in Greencastle, PA where he first found entrepreneurship by trading baseball cards and selling them on eBay. His dad is a successful business owner and entrepreneur, and his mom recently retired from teaching. Having similar aspirations, Mac aims to run these successful local businesses in which he can help local business owners, while also being able to adjunct teach at Temple University.

Instead of following his parents and brother’s footsteps to Penn State, Mac decided to accept a D3 scholarship to play soccer at VWC in Virginia Beach for 2 years. Realizing he no longer wanted to play professionally, Mac decided to transfer to PSU where he traded sports for entrepreneurship and started taking classes centered around his interests and expertise.

Education: Advertising/Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship

Major: Advertising (3.9 GPA)

Minors: Business & Entrepreneurship

Upon graduation in 2013 Mac Frederick was recruited by Google, and went to work for them 2 years in Ann Arbor, MI. A year into the job he got bored and started another phone repair company, Ann Arbor iPhone Repair, where he taught himself all about SEO. Around that time he was beginning to develop confidence in his ability to start and run his own agency, so he took a leap of faith and partnered with a technical co-founder to start Momentum Digital.

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Why Momentum Digital?

Why Momentum?
“My entire mission is to help small business owners and those who aren’t savvy with digital media, because they need it the most. Hundreds of businesses die every single day because they can’t keep up with SEO, social media, websites, and what to do to compete with the competition and bigger players in the digital space. The sad thing is, I know a lot of people like that, and they are the type of people who built this country. Those are the people we want to help and who we can provide the most value.

Philadelphia is the perfect place for this too because we’re rather anti corporate, anti-franchise, so there’s a lot of small businesses to work with. Knowing what I know about SEO and digital marketing makes me feel good and as if I’m actually making a difference and providing them with the digital momentum they need.”

Mac now runs both companies and has no plans of selling or moving anytime soon. He was recently featured in an article and video by CBS talking about how he exploded into the Philly entrepreneurial scene — as well as a Fox34 Article.

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“My name is Mac and I used to work for Google. Now I help small businesses grow online and rank higher on Google”