March 23, 2023

How to Make Customers Click Your Emails

Want to learn how to make customers click your emails? Use these tips to improve your email marketing and get more sales!

Learn How to Make Customers Click Your Emails!

Some may think email marketing is old-fashioned and that it’s more sensible to advertise their products and services on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook rather than email. While it may be true that people spend most of their time on social media channels, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Email list subscribers are a valuable asset, and can be important than your Instagram or Facebook followers. But how can you convince your audience to open YOUR email instead of reading the other hundred thousand unread emails in their inbox? How can you get them to click on the links in your email and achieve a higher click-through rate, aka CTR? Here are some tips that can help you make customers click emails:

Personalize Your Email

Addressing someone by their first name gets their full attention and makes them feel like a close friend. Therefore, ask for your audience’s first name in your email signup form and use that name in your emails. Many Email Campaign Builders, Like MailChimp, will allow you to use “|FNAME|” to automatically use the first name of whoever receives the email!

Statistics have shown that people are more likely to trust you and take action, such as clicking on your links or buying your products, if they see you as a friend rather than a business or brand. Therefore, maintaining a friendly tone throughout the email would be best as not using highfalutin words to impress readers. These complicated words seem more off-putting than attractive, so you should be careful.

You can also ask your subscribers questions, divide them into different categories based on their answers, and send a separate email to each type.

Take Your Email’s Layout Seriously

It would be best to overlook the enormous impact a proper email format can have on your fans. You should do your best to keep the balance in this area. If you only use text, especially if it’s a long email, you could bore readers to death.

On the other hand, using too many colors and images could give the impression that you’re desperate for attention. Using two or three colors associated with your brand, a few high-quality and relevant images or GIFs, a unique and appealing font, and suitable subheadings can transform your email from mediocre to excellent. Constant Contact, another email campaign builder, has great looking templates to help you structure and design your email!

Another essential factor to look out for is that your email layout should be mobile-friendly. Many use cell phones to read their emails. If your emails are optimized for mobile, you’ll retain clicks.

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Be Creative with Your Email Titles

The first thing that will catch your subscribers’ attention is the title you choose for your email. When selecting the correct title, you should pay attention to two factors:

Spark Curiosity

You need to pique the curiosity of the people in the title to get them to open your emails in the first place. There are several techniques you can use to achieve this goal. First, play cleverly with words; use puns, riddles, and hints in your title, so your target audience and potential customers irresistibly click on your emails. It would help if you made people feel they needed to open your email to find their answers or eliminate the confusion you created.

Be Helpful

It would give your audience a valid reason to open your emails. People should feel that your email will benefit them in one way or another. Whether you are trying to educate your audience with information on a specific topic or sell them a product that will make their lives easier, you need to make that clear in the title.

Most people are looking for health, wealth, beauty, and happiness. If you convince them that your email will help them achieve any of these goals, they will take action and click on your links.

One CTA But Multiple Links

The worst thing you can do when preparing an email is stuffing it with many irrelevant links. That’s one of the things that will make people unsubscribe immediately, and it’s the last thing you need in email marketing. So instead, focus on a single CTA (call-to-action), but put multiple links of the same one throughout your email. Ideally, one at the beginning, one in the middle, and one at the bottom of your email.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Your email will likely be lost among hundreds of other emails your subscribers receive daily. To keep your customers, you must ask them directly to take action within a specific time frame, or they’ll miss a golden opportunity. For example, if you’re offering a sale, special offers, or giveaways to your customers, you need to set a deadline and use a countdown to encourage them to click on your links before it’s too late.

Don’t Give Up on Non-Openers

If someone doesn’t open your email, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re uninterested. Sometimes they miss the email because they’re busy with other things in their personal life. It’s worth resending your emails to those who have not opened them. Test a different headline the second time to increase the likelihood that your email will be opened.

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All these methods can help you improve your CTR and get your customers to click on your emails. But it would help if you remembered to constantly monitor the results, stop the tactics that don’t work, and do more of what works with your target audience. You should always remain flexible and be ready to change your methods. 

Remember that none of these tactics are set in stone, and they shouldn’t tie your hands. Instead, it would be best if you experimented with all these methods to find out what suits the taste of your target audience. 

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