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How to Start Marketing a Dental Office

With all the newsletters, billboards, 5-second YouTube ads, and mailers, there’s no need to tell you that this is the age of marketing. Nowadays, any business needs a solid marketing strategy to thrive, and a dental office is no exception.

Of course, as the field of dentistry has advanced in the last decade, marketing strategies have also evolved. In today’s crazy world where people are bombarded with ads, you need something far beyond average to convert prospective patients into new clients.

The internet is the biggest realm of possibilities to promote your dental services and create a brand for yourself. There are several things you can do to market a dental office. We’ve listed ten of them here.

Let’s go through them one by one.

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#1 Get to Know the Target Audience

It’s a wise idea to consider your main demographic when researching marketing strategies for your dental office. Do you serve kids at your clinic or office? College students? Young entrepreneurs? It’s also important to take into account any expertise your office may have.

Just like any other business, you can develop personas that show the basic qualities of your target audience. For instance, an office may create the persona of Marie, a wife and a mom who seeks cheaper rates and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Once you identify your patient’s needs and wants, you and your marketing team can start looking for particular strategies to convert patient types into real new patients.

#2 Work on Website SEO

Your dental office’s website is open around-the-clock. If your website is polished, quick, and simple to use, potential patients tend to trust you more since they will unconsciously connect this with your brand.

If your website is sluggish and out-of-date, users will be turned off. In fact, studies have shown that even a 1s delay in load time causes a 7% drop in conversion rates. Nobody wants to be kept waiting for dental care!

SEO may seem like magic when trying to market a dental office, especially if you haven’t heavily focused on the backend operations before. Fixing broken links, adding social media buttons, cleaning up the layout, and boosting load-up speed are just some of the tools to show higher on Google’s search results.

One of the most important things you can do is working on a modern website design.

Give it a Modern Look

First impressions count, and if your website seems like it was designed in 2005, it will be difficult to get new clients. People prefer not to receive care in such offices because it shows that you take the same outdated approach with your treatments. So, having a great design is a necessity when you market a dental office.

It’s also much easier for patients to interact with an up-to-date website. They don’t have to navigate several sections just to find a simple post or information about a doctor. You want them to get what they want in just a few simple clicks. A bad design can only bring confusion and frustration, making users close the window and never come back again to check out your sites.

Visitors to websites have no patience. If the page loads slowly, visitors leave and are unlikely to return. You only have a few seconds to hook users before they rush for the exit button.

Put up a Scheduling Portal

It’s 2023 and people don’t need to call to order food, handle their bank accounts, or even set up a date. So, they want an easy, simple way to book an appointment. That’s why you need to provide a scheduling section on your website so they can view profiles of different dentists, pick one, and decide on a time and a date.

The same goes for a prescription portal that allows patients to get in touch with the doctor about their prescription, make the necessary changes, or renew the same one.

You can take a big step toward enhancing your potential to draw in more patients if you incorporate these elements into your website design. But you also need to take further steps. Adding website features is not enough to market a dental office. Also, you will need to improve the website’s technical components.

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#3 The Power of Facebook

Did you know that nearly one-third of the US population—239 million people—use Facebook each month? This offers a fantastic chance for a dentistry practice to interact with a huge audience.

You may expand your audience and develop a vibrant online community by setting up a page on Facebook and publishing current and useful material. Do not forget to interact with your audience by answering questions and posing questions in the comments. Facebook may be an effective tool to help you connect with both existing and new patients if you use it properly.

Use Facebook Ads

Think about utilizing Facebook ads in addition to Google. The social media version of Google is Facebook.  A dentist practice or any other business you want to grow may be promoted through Facebook and other social media. It serves as a social media tool as well for promoting your dental practice.

Invite your team members and patients to participate in Facebook forums and groups where they may talk about dental issues or regional events. Potential clients are drawn into the conversations in these online forums, and they may be directed to your website or contact details.

#4 Tap into Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA)

Recently, Google announced that dentists will have access to Local Service Ads (LSA). These advertisements show the above PPC and the Google map in the search results. Using LSA is a fantastic opportunity for dental offices to capture a bigger piece of the potential customer base.

A dental office must get approval before beginning to use this service. After getting the approval, you’ll be one of the few key players in your neighborhood to run such ads. Just don’t hesitate to get the approval. It is a free process that can take a short while.

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dental office testimonials and reviews

#5 Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Positioning your company and brand as reputable and honest is a crucial component of any dental clinic’s marketing plan. Prospective clients must feel confident in your ability to meet all of their medical and cosmetic needs with absolute quality.

Positive reviews and testimonials can do wonders here because they can act as proof of your quality and reliability. Nowadays, all people check online reviews before visiting a simple coffee house, let alone a medical establishment.

Imagine you’re looking for a local doctor or dentist. You want to be sure that the clinic offers quality, clean, affordable services with employees that truly care about you.

You wouldn’t go after a clinic with bad reviews or none at all. So, it’s vital to have a plan for getting feedback. You can do this by personally following up on appointments or by sending a pre-written SMS or email.

#6 The Google My Business (GMB) is Vital

A solid Google My Business (GMB) page is vital for every organization, especially a dental office that wants to advertise its services to people in their neighborhood. Besides bringing so many people to your website and office, a GMB profile with higher Google Review ratings can make them instantly call and make an appointment.

It is a must-have, free platform that allows all businesses, including yours, to improve their presence on the web. Even if it’s the first time you hear about a GMB profile, you surely have seen it countless times on Google.

It is a list of businesses with information about their address, business hours, closed/open status, reviews, phone number, and Google Maps location. If you haven’t gotten to opening a GMB page yet, do it as soon as possible because it can make a massive difference when you market a dental office.

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#7 Videos, Videos, Videos

If you don’t try video marketing, you may produce all the images and content you want to market a dental office and yet end up with the smallest slice of the pie. Using video is so vital that about 91% of all businesses use them in their marketing efforts and 96% of marketers consider video as a key ingredient of a successful marketing strategy.

Each dental office has a different approach to creating marketing videos. Your dental digital marketing plan might include various tactics. As a place to start, consider these:

  • Make short informative clips. Answer some FAQs. Give a tour around the office. Create a video and title it “our normal day in the office”. Talk about the latest pieces of equipment that you use and their advantages over the standard machinery in most clinics.
  • Create videos to introduce your staff to people on your website. By doing this, it’ll take less time for patients to research your clinic because it creates a sense of trust in your team, encouraging them to make an appointment.
  • Post creative, fun videos on social media. You can show the human side of your brand by including your staff in funny videos and participating in different challenges and campaigns.
  • Encourage users to make content. You can ask patients to participate in funny challenges, ask or answer questions, and offer their take on your services.

#8 Pay Attention to Your Budget

The budget is not just money, but also the time that you and your staff spend on managing daily operations. How much time can you commit to branding, monitoring, and analysis of campaigns? You might need to invest a portion of your marketing budget in an expert who can manage the details. You need a reliable marketing team with an established track record to create, carry out, and assess your specific process.

Budget size is not as important as where you spend the money. Just in 2022, businesses spent +$180 billion on mobile and desktop social media ads, a number that’s expected to reach $230 billion in 2025. The moment has come to diversify your spending on advertising.

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dental office referral program

#9 A Referral Bonus Program

One of the more popular yet effective dental marketing strategies is a referral bonus program. You need to use this element in your plan to encourage current patients to help you attract more patients.

Patients may be eligible for discounts on dental treatments via a referral bonus program. You can also give them gift certificates. Be innovative. You can also arrange events, seminars, and dinners with your top referrals.

In the past, dentists used to run incentive programs through office fliers or discussions following appointments. Your website and social media platforms should provide information about the current referral bonus programs.

#10 Monitor & Adjust Your Performance

The main issue with many dental offices is not tracking their marketing performance. They neglect to test, do not track well (or quickly), and do not make adjustments. They usually spend a lot of money, time, and effort on a marketing strategy without even knowing if it has a decent ROI.

One of the main reasons marketing resources are wasted is a failure to assess ROI. Without monitoring, evaluating, and improving upon findings, how can you tell whether anything is working? Making marketing initiatives more effective requires understanding how to determine cause-and-effect relationships and properly calculate ROI.

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Finally, Partner with a Marketing Agency

If you want to market a Dental Office in a competitive environment, you need a well-trained, professional team by your side who can manage your brand promotion campaigns and meet your expectations. 

Partnering with a marketing agency can provide you with access to a team of marketing experts who have experience, knowledge, and advanced skills in a variety of marketing channels and can help you develop and execute a marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific business objectives.

Moreover, not every business can afford to hire an in-house marketing team. If you are looking for a more cost-efficient solution, you can easily find a marketing agency and scale up or down your services as your business needs change.

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SEO Audits & Analysis

    • Before we begin we first learn more about you, your business and your goals. From there we set a baseline by conducting Local SEO Audits using Moz, Yext & BrightLocal. This gives us a starting point to research and analyze so we can grow with you.
    • Then we structure and build your account. From there we create your ad groups, ads and keywords. Finally we end with testing your campaigns and setting up reporting.

GMB Makeover & Citations Building

  • Month 2 we focus more on taking action and implementing changes and optimizations, mostly through your Google My Business account and BrightLocal account. We also start building a lot of 3rd party citations and directories to get noticed by search engines. GMB is the best place to start so we really focus on that to begin.

Bookmarks & Backlinks

  • Our 3rd month focuses more on backlinks using bookmarks, web 2.0 sites, and blogs. These could include social media sites, 3rd party blog sites, and more. We also focus on creating or accessing content that we can use on GMB and 3rd party Local SEO sites to get more awareness and engagement.

Management & Optimizations

  • Moving on after month 3 we will focus purely on optimizations and management, followed by reporting. Each month we provide a monthly report, along with a strategic SEO overview. Management involves ongoing GMB updates, posts, and content. Along with that we focus on backlinking and on-page website SEO to improve your overall digital presence in the eyes of search engines.

A dental office should work with a digital marketing agency to improve its local SEO and optimize its Google Business profile because it can help the practice reach more potential patients and stand out in a highly competitive industry. Digital marketing agencies have the knowledge and expertise to create and implement effective SEO strategies that will improve how you market a dental office.

By optimizing a dental office’s Google Business profile, the agency can also ensure that the practice’s information is accurate, up-to-date, and appealing to potential patients. Ultimately, working with a digital marketing agency can help a dental office attract more patients, increase its revenue, and establish itself as a reputable and trustworthy practice in the local community.

  • Setting up, managing and optimizing your Free Google Business account that helps rank you in the local map pack. This includes editing your information, adding content, optimizing core features, and getting you more reviews.
  • Our team can also manage your messages, Google Posts, review management, adding content, and more.
  • This is a key advantage for Local SEO for a Renovation Company
  • This involves getting your business information and website cited and published in various directory websites, local listing citation sites, and other free and premium resources that Google cares about. These citations are essential to represent your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) as well as your website.
  • Momentum will submit and manage your citations using BrightLocal, Moz, Yext and even manually submitting citation sources.
  • Google cares about your overall digital footprint and engagement. They want to know and understand your business and that you’re active online. SEO has become more social based on the experience and engagement of your customers. We make sure your social media accounts are set up, optimized, and active. Our team also creates social bookmarks on 3rd party citation sites that Google can index.
  • We also submit your social bookmark profiles and links to over 50 key social sites that will count towards your backlinks. These count as high-authority trust flow backlinks.

Local content matters too. This specifically refers to posting to Google My Business, social media, and your website. You can cross-post and cross-promote similar content as well. Google My Business allows you to use “Google Posts”, as well as pictures, videos, and Virtual Tours.

Here are the Top 5 Local SEO Content you can post. Make sure your local content talks about your products and services so Google recognizes those keywords.

Most local content we focus on using Google My Business with Google Posts, Google Photos, Google Virtual Tours, and Google reviews.

Google Reviews and other 3rd party review sites are essential to ranking higher in Search Engines. Google has always cared about showing the businesses with the most and best reviews.

Try reaching out to your customers for a good review or to share their experience. Then make sure to reply to each review. Yelp, Facebook and TripAdvisor (as well as industry related review sites) are important as well.

Momentum focuses on getting more google and yelp reviews for your business, along with responding and managing these reviews, to improve your overall Local SEO.

Putting It All Together for a Killer Marketing Plan

By going through these ten ideas to properly market a dental office, we hope that you feel inspired to take the first step. Now, there are two ways you can do this. First, you can assemble some members from your existing staff and form a marketing team. It’ll take a lot of money and time to find the perfect strategy because you have to go through some trial and error. 

Another way would be to find a marketing team that has a successful track record in your sector, a team that has put other dental practices on the first page of the search results before. We at Momentum Digital have that. We can save you from burning through your marketing budget by assessing your situation and executing the right plan that fits your specific needs and client base.

You also don’t have to worry about the cost as we offer some of the most competitive rates on the market. You can get started right now because our team is just a phone call away, ready to answer all of your questions.

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