June 14, 2024

Med Spa Marketing Success Story

Today, my goal is to give you hope as a fellow business owner by sharing an incredible success story about a brand new Med Spa that came to us for their marketing needs.

The Marketing Success Story of a Brand New Med Spa

“Hey we’re launching a med spa business in the unit next to us and we need you guys to spearhead the marketing efforts.”

Challenge accepted. But before we begin unraveling an incredible Med Spa Marketing Success story, it’s important to know something about us at Momentum.

We accept any challenge that comes our way, on one condition: you need to be hungry for growth and more importantly, you need to be in it for the long haul.

At the foundation of our philosophy as a Marketing agency is a deeply rooted belief in long-term strategy. We live in a time where immediate gratification and overnight success is all of the hype. As a result, visionaries with the stamina to see their visions through are far and few in between. Our goal is to find those business owners and play a part in their success.

This business was no exception. 

They came to us ready to hit the ground running.

“In 6 months the office is going to be built and ready for business. By then we need branding, a fully-functioning website, photos, videos, and a virtual tour on standby. Oh, and a full-blown SEO strategy. We want our Google Business profile and Website to dominate local search.”

No problem. In the next 6 months we would bear witness to an incredible Med Spa Marketing Success.

Welcome to the story of LaserSkin MedSpa

Med Spa Marketing Success

The Birth of LaserSkin MedSpa

Dr. Karp, a well-connected, highly-regarded chiropractor in the Greater Philadelphia Region owns a business called State Line Chiropractic. His office resides in a quaint shopping mall off of Wilmington Pike in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. At the time, about 4 years ago, we were tasked with managing SEO and various marketing campaigns for the chiropractic business. I was younger then, new to the world of marketing, and Dr. Karp gave me an opportunity to prove myself. With the guidance of my mentor, Mac Frederick, we saw success. On top of that, I frequented the office about once a month. If not at the office, I was open for calls. 

Needless to say, we had a great relationship. 

Almost 2 years into our engagement, the neighboring unit was vacated; Doc saw an opportunity to expand. Without hesitation, he scooped up the unit and announced his new business, LaserSkin MedSpa. It was perfect timing. Now a managing partner at Momentum, an agency that was on its way to be named the 4th fastest growing company in Philadelphia, I had the team and resources to stand up to the challenge.

Med Spa Marketing Expectations

How quickly are we going to see results? That’s a question we’re asked far too often as marketers. But rightfully so. If you’re going to be spending money, of course you want to know when you can expect a return on your investment.

Not in this case. Dr. Karp and his team had worked with us before. They were familiar with SEO and the value in long-term strategy. They trusted the process. In fact, Doc’s right-hand-man was the SEO lead at a Law Firm. We connected very well. We were all on the same page. They knew not to expect anything for months to come. That was okay, though. We had 6 months until opening day. 

Between now and then, we needed to lay the groundwork for long-term success. We worked with Dr. Karp and Barry to make their vision come to life. 

Step 1 of Med Spa Marketing Success

The first few months were all about planning…and research, lots of research. 

What are competitors doing? 

What do their websites look like? 

Who is the ideal customer? 

What are they searching for on the internet? 

What are our services? 

Which one has the highest search volume?

With keyword research and competitor analysis underway, our developers began scouring the internet for the best competitor websites.

Once we found a few, it was time to start combining the best aspects of each of them into one.

Finally, the design was in process and the leg work had been completed.

Step 2 of Med Spa Marketing Success

It was time to start strategizing. 

Which service pages need to be built? 

Which locations are we targeting? 

Who are we writing for? 

What is the call to action? 

It was easy. Here are the services, here are the surrounding areas, and these are the types of people we think are going to be interested in the services. Dr. Karp and Barry had all of the answers.

Perfect. Then we started copywriting.

“Hey Barry, check your email. Let me know if this Laser Hair Removal page looks good.”

“Looks good. Just change this and that.”

“How about now?”

And just like that we had the template for our service pages. We cranked out page after page until eventually there were at least 10 on the now completely designed website. 

The website was just about ready. Now all we needed was a blog strategy and some location pages targeting the surrounding areas.

Step 3 of Med Spa Marketing Success

With the website completed, service pages built, and opening day nearing, we launched our content strategy, gathered photos, and scheduled the virtual tour.

It was time to double down on blogs.

We knew that in order to compete, we needed to provide value to the prospective customers. Working together with Barry and Dr. Karp, we identified news headlines, questions, and concerns that potential customers would be searching for. 

With our efforts aligned, we were able to complete numerous well-written, optimized blogs in a very short time. This allowed us to hit the ground running come opening day.

med spa marketing ideas
Summary of Our Med Spa Marketing Success

Of course, there was a lot more that went on behind the scenes. One of the most important things I left out was the Google Business Profile. This was amongst one of the first things we launched. Today, this profile has over 130 5-star reviews, a testament to the great work that LaserSkin provides. This profile single-handedly drives hundreds of high potential clicks every single month. 

Important to note is that once the website was launched, the service pages optimized, and location pages live, we REALLY turned up our blog efforts. This has allowed us to see over a 2x increase year over year in website traffic. 

About 3 years since launch, LaserSkin MedSpa sees about 1.8k clicks quarterly. Their average position in Google is 34.2, and their Click-Thru-Rate is 1.2%. The Google Business Profile is #1 for various keywords.

Their top performing pages are blogs and location pages.

Med Spa Marketing Results
Where We Are Today

After what felt like a 3 year sprint, our foot is still on the gas and we show no signs of slowing down. While we continue our SEO efforts, we are searching for the next big thing. I can confidently predict more success on the horizon. Dr. Karp and Barry, and the rest of the team at LaserSkin MedSpa are incredible. When we need videos, we get videos. If Barry has a question, he gives me a call. I’m grateful for the relationships and trust that LaserSkin MedSpa has given us. It’s these types of stories that keep us going.

If you’re someone who understands the value of a long-term relationship, and you’re ready to write your success story with us, drop us a form, shoot me a dm, or send us an email.

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