July 30, 2018

MM | How to Make “Cold Calling” Your Best Friend

To many, the act of picking up a phone, calling some random stranger, and asking them if they’d be interested in your services can be as annoying as walking into work with your new white shirt and immediately spilling coffee all over it!

Ok…maybe not that annoying, sorry guy!

But still, have no fear. By the end of reading this blog, you’ll be pretty content with your “cold calling strategy,” even if we don’t call it “cold calling” anymore. Let me show you what I mean.

First and foremost, we have to define the “cold call.”

More often than not, people think of cold calling as just Googling a random business, finding their number, doing minimal to no research on said company, and then giving them a call. If this was the way everyone went about making deals, we would just end up with a lot of angry business people, this I can assure you.

However, the future of the “cold call” has changed my friends.

Instead of thinking all about the sale, think about the relationship. Think about the value you truly want to bring to the company you’re contacting. Think about how they’re going to trust you, and more importantly, the reasons the should. Your first focus should be building a rock solid foundation with the exact person you’re trying to get into contact with.

I was able to take a Udemy course narrated by leading sales trainer, Chris Croft. I recommend everyone to take this course — it’s only $10.99 and provides 30 lectures with insightful tips and tricks along the way to make the most out of what he’s talking about.

Chris talks about building the relationship first. In this chart, you can see how the old process of selling is going out-of-style. The new process, which makes the relationship with the client the main priority, is much better than just trying to make a quick sale.


Now, I’m not saying you should just dial the phone and start trying to force a fake conversation with your clients — they will see right through that. Although it could be useful to throw in some off-topic dialogue here and there to make your future client like you and get to know you. This is important.

Instead, I’ve found this three-step system that has given me tremendous results!

  1. Start off by going to a client’s personal social media, whether it would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, and engaging on their content everyday for a week or so.
  2. Next, direct message them, whether that’s on a social media app or email, and compliment them! Ask them questions about how they created something unique! Build a relationship with them and make them like you.
  3. This is where your “hook, line and sinker” comes in. Ask them who handles a part of their business that isn’t up to par. Whether that would be bad website design, irrelevant keywords, or inconsistent social media posting. Ask them questions that drive towards you helping them.

Pretty soon, you will feel confident enough to ask that person to talk over the phone about how you can help improve their marketing strategy.

The best part? You have already built a relationship with this person and they like you! So there isn’t much room for awkwardness as before when you didn’t know the person. By being yourself, this will lead to a smoother conversation with your future client. They will understand that you are really trying to provide solutions to their problems, and this goes a long way.


Maybe you can even send them a free demo of your service and talk about it over the phone. Anything that brings free value to the client without having them feel like they’re being sold to is the most wholesome feeling in the world.

Obviously, you’re trying to get them to buy your services. But beyond that, more than anything else, should be the passion to make their dreams come true. Regardless of how much money you’re being paid, if you make the sale, you should always value solutions to their problems and accomplish their goals more than anything else!

If you’re in your industry only for the money, you’re in the wrong industry. Period.


Solely focus on the client’s relationship with you and the value you provide for them…and the money will come naturally.

But let’s say the person still isn’t interested in your services. At this point, you’ve built a relationship with them so you can help each other out! You’ll get referred! Any valuable information for new marketing trends, they’ll send it to you! For FREE!

You’ll still have value brought back to you! The only difference is you need to be wise enough to see it. It’s all about how you treat them. Look at them as human beings, instead of dollar signs.

So from now on, instead of calling your sales process “cold calling,” call it building your book of business!

I hope this blog relieved the pressure that is associated with old-fashioned “cold calls.” Just stick to the value and relationship, and you will never fail.

Until next time, this is Momentum Monday!

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