May 5, 2024

How to Optimize Google Guaranteed Ads

Learn How to Optimize Google Guaranteed Ads

With this Blog & Video we’re going to show You How to Optimize Google Guaranteed Ads for a Google Local Service!

Google Guarenteed

Recently, a client and good friends of mine, Garrison Roofing, has asked for my help to Optimize Google Guaranteed Ads that they are running. Their ads are not performing the best, and rank around 8th place when searching for roofing services in Philadelphia.

With Google Guaranteed Ads, the goal is to rank within the top 3 business in the search results to get the most business from your ads, especially if you are a company that is trying to expand in size. To rank within the top 3 is possible, but it requires some extra effort! Today were going to go over how I optimize Google Guaranteed Ads for my friend to get them within the Top 3!

What Are Google Guaranteed Ads?

One of Google’s newest advertising offerings, the Google Guaranteed program, offers distinct local service ads for small businesses and contractors. These ads are tremendously beneficial to both customers and workers alike, because they connect experienced and trusted businesses with real clients in need of help, supported with a money back guarantee. Any business in the service industry, that is eligible for the program, will see benefits from these advertisements.

The Service ads will always appear at the top of the page and above all other advertisements during a related google search, but to get your business on these ads will take some extra steps! Google will require Background Checks, Insurance Verification and Trusted Reviews from you and your business in order to participate in the program.

How to set up google guaranteed
How to Optimize Google Guaranteed Ads

Business Verification

The first step is to review your Business Verification and make sure all details are up to date. The information you provided here was required when you originally signed up, but if things have changed since then, make sure they are updated.

If you need help setting up your Google Local Service Ads, use this video and blog for a detailed tutorial and tips you wont find elsewhere!

How to Create Google Local Service Ads


The most important step for ranking high is reviews. You will find that the businesses that rank within the top 3, have consistent glowing reviews. Reviews are the best way for Google to recognize how dependable your business is to its customers. With steady 5 star reviews from users who found your business using these ads, will indirectly inform Google that your business satisfies their customers! In turn, they will rank your service higher to generate more satisfied customers.

On the Business Verification page and in the Customer Reviews section, you will find a link to “Get Verified Reviews”. These reviews are different from ones left on your Google My Business page, because these reviews are exclusive to Guaranteed Ads. This mean, of course, that the more of these specific local service reviews you have, the better your business will rank!

Share this link with satisficed customers that you received through Google Service Ads. Through text, email, or social media; just make sure that you try to get as many customers that came from Google to use this link as you can!

Add Service Updates

Head to the Profile & Budgets section and review the “add service updates to your profile” option. If there have been any services that you do that are not selected, make sure these are updated, but only update these if you actually do the service! Also, there is a new “Covid-19” section that you can update for things like No-Contact Payments and Health and Safety, make sure you updates these as well! The more the better!

Business Hours

Review your business hours. You should be set to “Taking Customers” and the business hours should be correct. Pro Tip! the hours on this page do not have to be the hours which your business actually works, you can make your business open 24 hours for the maximum chance of getting new leads! But, you need to be able to answer calls no matter the time, even if they come in at 3 am. This option isn’t the best for everyone, but try to set your business hours to the most you possibly to get more calls and customers!

Budget & Bidding

Review your budget. The way Google Guaranteed ads work is you are only charged if you actually get a lead, compared to other ads which will charge you just if your ad was shown to somebody. Because of this difference, I recommend that you set your budget higher than what youre willing to spend.

Budgeting your ads this way will show your Service Ads to more Google users and give you more chances to get a new lead! If you start going over budget, you can always scale back your ads and lower the budget!

For instance, Our client, Garrison Roofing, wants to spend $1,000 per week on ads. So, we set their Budget higher to $2,500 to get the most calls possible! We monitor the activity closely, and if we start to go over the budget we begin to dial back to average in on $1,000 spent on ads per week! This is the best strategy for getting the most out of your Guarenteed Ads!

Photos, Services and Messages

Update your photos, Industry Services and Message Leads. Updates pictures of the Cover, Logo, Projects etc. options with pictures of business and work you have completed, these pictures should be high quality, show this stuff off! Your service options should be set to as many of the services you offer, however, do not turn on a service that you don’t offer. and your Message Leads should be turned on in order to receive messages from potential customers instead of only calls!

Service Area

Adjust your service area. Try to make your business service area as large as possible for the most calls. Just make sure you are able to do work in these places if you get a call. You can also exclude certain area codes if you don’t think your business will do well in these locations.

Managing Leads

The most important way to Optimize Google Guaranteed Ads is to manage every single lead you receive through the Ads. This needs to be done on a daily basis. Many Service Ad users often overlook or forget about this, and are losing out on their ads performance. Google rewards business who manage this section effectively, because it shows them that you respond to every lead you get in some form or another. Organize every lead you get in this section, even if they are leads that don’t result in a sale.

Go through your New and Active leads daily, and organize them into “Booked”, “Completed”, or “Archived”. If you completed the service, send your client a link to your review page, then move their phone number into “Completed”. If a new lead just came in and you scheduled a time to take things further, changed the lead to “Booked” and if the lead did not result in a sale, archive it.

You can also respond to any missed calls and review voicemails on this page, this is useful if your business receives a lot of leads. Though, its best to answer calls and messages as soon as they come in!

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Thanks for Reading!

This is how you Optimize Google Guaranteed Ads to get the most leads and sales!

Update your business verification, Business Profile and Manage your leads daily! Doing these tasks effectively will promote your Ad and get you more calls, especially if you keep up with getting good reviews from real customers!

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