January 7, 2019

Momentum Digital Philadelphia Marketing Podcast

In 2019, we are taking our brand new Small Business Philadelphia marketing podcast to the next level. To do this, we are getting more expertise, advice, and business experience by welcoming a co-host! During this week’s episode of the Small Business Saturday Podcast, we introduced the newest member of the SBS team – Delilah Dee. 

Official Small Business Saturday Philadelphia Marketing Podcast by Momentum Digital.

Delilah is a Philadelphia local, born and raised in North Philadelphia, who specializes in branding and events. She is young, energetic, and passionate about helping as many local small businesses as she can.

In this week’s episode, Delilah and Mac discussed their backstories and different challenges and successes they have had as entrepreneurs. They also gave more background about the Small Business Saturday project, how your small business can get featured on the podcast and future plans for the SBS podcast series. Make sure you listen to the full episode on Youtube, Anchor, Spotify, Google Play or iTunes!

The Small Business Saturday podcast began as a passion project for the team at Momentum Digital. The SBS series started out as a blog series that talked about cool and unique small businesses in Philadelphia. The series then moved to weekly video promotion. However, it began taking up too much time, energy, and resources for the team. From there, it was decided to transition the series to a podcast episode weekly and a video episode monthly.

Delilah and Mac are both entrepreneurs who actually met in college at Penn State. However, their entrepreneurial journeys are very different.  Delilah currently runs a digital content and events agency that works with both local and national brands.

Her business aims to push people, specifically people of color, from being dreamers to being doers. All of Delilah’s business knowledge is self-taught. Her business dreams were bootstrapped and formed while she was working other jobs.

Mac has been an entrepreneur since college, taking part in multiple start-up initiatives before transitioning to a career at Google. He is very passionate about the “American Dream” and helping out all kinds of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

This a podcast for anyone who is a small business owner, entrepreneur, dreamer, creator, or doer. During this podcast series, we want to share the stories of local business owners – both their successes and failures – in hopes that hearing someone else’s story can help you on your business journey. SBS aims to create a space that will give small business owners and entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in the small business/start-up world.

If you are a small business owner that would like to take part in the Small Business Saturday series, please feel free to reach out to us! There is no restriction with who can apply. However, we do try to highlight businesses that have been in business for over a year, has an interesting backstory, and has a unique small business.

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