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The goal of our project with Philly Tour Hub was to help them gain more local real estate online, increase awareness for the variety of tours they offer, and drive more leads through online advertising. We created a new website for them to bring in more traffic, managed online advertising, and created engaging content to highlight the Philly Tour Hub brand.

The Power Of Selling

When we began working with Philly Tour Hub we knew that Combining our expertise in digital marketing and Philly Tour Hub’s unique tours would be a perfect fit. The team’s main focus was creating a strategy that would highlight each of Philly Tour Hub’s offerings and convert online viewers into customers. We started by making them a brand new website to bring in more traffic and dominate local searches for tours in Philadelphia. Our digital marketing efforts have brought in more than $4,000 in revenue, fueled by integrating their booking system onto their website so you can reserve and pay for your tour all from your phone or computer. We even created original video content to highlight all of the services they offer! Now you can find Philly Tour Hub through multiple online channels and take advantage of what they have to offer today!

Google Adwords is a perfect fit for Philly Tour Hub because we are able to target specific people who are searching for tours, things to do, and local attractions in Philadelphia. Using Google Adwords, we decided to focus our efforts on three core concepts:

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Remarketing
  3. Video Remarketing

Search Ads are the bread and butter of any Adwords campaign, and most of the heavy lifting is done in these campaigns. One of our biggest focuses to improve the quality of the ads is to constantly scroll through the Search Terms Report and make any term that relates to research or casually browsing because these people are searching without an intent to purchase.

Display remarketing allows us to follow around people

Project Outline

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