February 10, 2023

Promoting Video Content Like a Pro

Let's Talk About Promoting Your Video Content Like a Pro!

Do you want to become a master at Promoting Your Video Content? If so, listen up! We are going to give you all the secrets you need to know!

Don't Get Frustrated!

After spending a lot of money on video recording equipment, content creation, and video recording/editing, most people expect their homemade masterpieces to go viral immediately. It’s not hard to guess how frustrated they can get when that dream doesn’t come true! 

So what was the problem here? They didn’t know how to promote a video. In this scenario, they didn’t realize that promoting video content is a skill they should master to make their clips and visuals accessible to their target audience.

Have you had the same experience? No worries, as we’ll discuss practical approaches to promoting your video content. Stay tuned.

Let the Video Speak for Itself

It goes without saying that videos are among the most effective types of content because they can engage all five of a person’s senses if they’re professionally created and have the potential to captivate an audience. You’re already halfway to promoting your work if you create top-notch content.

To create a high-quality video that engages viewers, focus on content and technique.

The content of the video should be useful and provide new information to the viewer, so they don’t feel like they’re wasting their time watching your clips.

After making sure that your content is worth publishing, you should deal with the technical aspects of the video. Make sure to use the right lighting, good-sounding background music, the best and latest video editing software, and the best microphones. Improve your filming skills so that you can use the equipment skillfully.

The first 30 seconds of your video are the most important part and should be captivating or sometimes even controversial enough to convince viewers to watch it until the last minute.

how to promote videos

Don’t Ignore the Power of Social Media

One of the best ways of promoting video content is through various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. You should not invest in just one platform, but you can expand the reach of your content by using other major social media platforms as a hook to attract new viewers. 

Try to find out how these platforms work and how to get the most out of them. Instagram Stories, for example, have become very trendy, and by including links to your videos in your Instagram Stories, you can get a lot of people to watch them. Another good tactic is to put the link to your latest video in the bio section of all your social media platforms to get numerous clicks.

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of the Thumbnail

People make the first judgment about your videos by looking at the thumbnails. So an eye-catching thumbnail is essential to promote video content successfully. Make your thumbnails extra colorful and use contrasting colors to make them stand out from all other thumbnails that use dull and drab colors. 

Also, ensure that you include something interesting in thumbnails that will pique people’s curiosity and make them click on the video. However, avoid clickbait! If people realize that your content doesn’t match the title, they’ll lose interest within the first few seconds. This can do the opposite of what you were trying to achieve.

Share Your Video on Q & A Websites

A best practice for promoting video content is to post it on Q&A websites and forums like Reddit. Don’t spam these sites by posting links to your videos on irrelevant topics. Instead, look for questions people have asked about similar topics and try to answer the question honestly. Suggest that they can watch your video when they’re ready to dive deeper.

Search Engine Optimization Matters

To achieve high search engine rankings and improve search engine optimization, you should use a good title, appropriate tags, and a decent meta description in which you include new, trending keywords in your niche. Yes, your content is in video format but take the magic power of words seriously!

Collaborating With Influencers Goes a Long Way

The most famous influencers usually get the lion’s share of followers and subscribers in the virtual world. You should seek out the big influencers in your industry who have content similar to yours on their channels. 

Collaborate with them actively to gain followers and hopefully get those followers to watch your videos. People tend to take suggestions from their favorite influencers. If they ask their fans to watch a particular video, chances are fans will listen.

Don’t Be Afraid of Asking Your Viewers to Share

As the saying goes, “sharing is caring” – people care about their friends and families and are willing to share what they find interesting. The more your video is shared, the higher the number of views, and that’s exactly what you want. By including useful information or a funny post in your videos, you can trigger the impulse to share. 

Another guaranteed way to get others to share your videos is to use promotions and giveaways. People love to tell each other about ways to get free stuff. Also, at the end of each video, you should ask viewers to share, like, comment, and subscribe to your channel. You can’t expect people to read between the lines. They will only know how to make you happy if you tell them directly what you want and expect.

Preview Your Video One or Two Days Before Its Release

Another effective way to promote video content is to give your loyal viewers a taste of what they’ll see a few days in advance. This way, you can ensure that your followers look forward to your videos and are likely to watch them as soon as they’re released. 

This leads to thousands of clicks within the first few minutes of your video’s release, which is considered a great factor in the algorithms of search engines and social media platforms.

promoting your video content like a pro

You're now ready to show the world what you got!

Unfortunately, life is not a Harry Potter movie; you can not wave a magic wand around and have your videos suddenly go viral. Promoting video content requires discipline and patience. The above steps should be done carefully and thoroughly to achieve the desired results. Need Momentum experts are ready to guide you every step of the way on this journey. Contact us now.

Other Marketing Tips!

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