September 10, 2018

How to Quickly Get 5-Star Reviews on Google for FREE

Learn How to Get More Reviews on Google to Rank Higher on Search!

Having a 5-Star Reviews on Google is becoming more important in such a competitive business world. Choosing where to eat, where to get get a phone repair, or even getting your hair done has never been so easy with Google and social media. Although it may seem unimaginable to some, Google and social media has transformed the way society makes daily and life decisions about where to purchase goods and services. So today we are going to cover How to Quickly Increase Your Ratings on Google in this week’s Marketing Blog!

Do you have a Google My Business page? How many reviews do you have? What’s your overall rating out of 5.0?

Your online Google presence is similar to a first impression.  Would you choose a 2-star restaurant to eat at on Yelp? No, why would you choose a 2-star restaurant in a city full of five or even 4-star places? Online presence is everything and seems intimidating to achieve, but in reality,  the rating is easier to obtain than you think with a few steps. Watch as our founder Mac Frederick explains 5 easy steps to getting more 5-star reviews!

  1. Choose your company

Whether you’re business or agency, make sure your website is running properly and showing up in google searches. Make sure you already have an online presence and target the business that needs to get more attention. When people search for your a local service, you want to make sure that your company is the first to appear, and the way to do this is through finding your information on Google.  The goal is to have more local search traffic results so people in the area can get access and find your business valuable.

  1. Find the proper Google Account & Contact Info

Make sure the proper information is on Google. Is the location correct? Is the phone number right? Are the hours okay? Is the location of your company directing people properly to your business on Google Maps? Really take the time to make sure that the website information is showing up in a clear, informative, and easily accessible way for your customers. Having a proper Google account for your business is vital to getting a five-star rating so clients can know that they are making a review on the right company.

  1. Go to

Grade US is an online tool that helps you ask and remind your customers to review your business in an appropriate fashion. People are always forgetting or don’t care enough to review things or they simply don’t know how to. Using is a win-win for both business owner and customer. All you have to do is plug in your business name and postal code and within seconds you can get a google link review so customers do not have to navigate and can easily get to your website.

  1. Distribute link

Spread the word. Send your link to friends, loyal customers, across social media platforms, or offer an in-store credit. The more you hustle to engage with customers and acquaintances to review your site, the more effective and easier your business will grow. Organically engaging with people to review your website by sending them a simple link that will help your business goes a long way into building trust with new visitors. Ask people to review if they’ve had a pleasant experience or ask a fellow friend who understands your business to write a well-educated review. Send out email campaigns through MailChimp (or other mail chain sites),  to notify all previous and past customers and keep them updated. There are an endless amount of ways to get reviews but all you have to do is ask and promote yourself. You can even create a loyalty or rewards program where they write a review to get entered into a drawing or competition or discount offer. Some other automated platforms that help for SEO and Review Automation include Yext, Synup, BirdEye and more!

  1. Be Grateful 🙂

Be thankful and appreciative of everyone who is giving you a review. Say ‘thank you’ and mean it. Keep on working towards getting more reviews to make your website and business more credible. Don’t ever stop engaging and networking to get your business off the ground and have the best possible review on Google.  Having great reviews will continue to drive traffic to your website, which will also help for Local SEO. It’s key to always say thank you to people who are taking the time out of their day to give your business a review and keep in mind how lucky you are to have them. 

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