August 13, 2022

Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account – Next Steps

Follow the Steps & Watch My Video to Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account with Momentum.

Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account

Are you looking to Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account?

First, we need to find out Why Did Your GMB Get Suspended?

For starters, you want to know what Google My Business is before you decide to invest your time into trying it. As the name implies, Google My Business allows you to create a listing for your business on Google. If you get suspended it’s probably for one of these reasons listed by GMB Support.

According to this GMB Search Engine Journal study, if your GMB listing gets suspended, most likely you did something that looks suspicious, spammy or you broke the Google My Business Terms of Service. Google suspends listings for a variety of reasons – especially if you are violating Google My Business Guidelines listed in the link above.

Let’s talk through next steps to Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account with our team!

Getting Started to Reinstate Your GMB Listing.

Thanks for contacting our Local SEO & GMB Team here at Momentum Digital. We are Google Premier Partners and have fixed and reinstated over 300 GMB listings this year alone with 100% success rate.

Follow these steps below to hire us or get started with us so we can fix and Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account.


    1. Fill out the GMB Form Here
      1. This is how we get the relevant information we need to get started and send you a quote/contract & invoice link.
    2. Provide Your GMB Login (preferred) or add us as Manager
      1. You can add us using our gmail (request this)
      2. We SUGGEST providing login instead, quicker process, get reinstated faster using the main account
    3. Send us relevant business documentation
      1. A business License or Utility Bill works best
      2. Sometimes they ask to send you a new postcard or video verification
    4. Approve the Quote & Contract to get started
      1. You will receive this via email
      2. 50% deposit of $250 for our time managing this account.
  • We will then send you an email and text to get started
    1. Main things we need
      1. Quote, contract, and 50% deposit
      2. Login access to GMB
      3. Business Documentation

Next Steps If You Hired Us to Reinstate Your GMB

  • Eric my GMB Suspension Manager will be assigned to this case
    • He will email and text you (provide your cell phone number
  • Watch this video
    • The one I am making now
  • Wait Patiently
    • Communicate with us via text or email
  • Options
    • We might need to setup a new listing or verify the current listing
    • Video or postcard verification is sometimes required
Next Steps We Take to Reinstate Your Google My Business Listing
  1. We follow up with any reinstatement request
  2. Sometimes we submit a new reinstatement form request
  3. Then we follow up with our contacts at Google
  4. We support a ticket forum thread to escalate the issue
  5. We communicate back and forth with Google
  6. We send Google any other information they request
  7. We find and resolve the issues that suspended your listing
  8. We backup and save your content, reviews, and files
  9. OPTION — Sometimes if we cant fix it we create a new listing and transfer the reviews
  10. Within 2-4 weeks we get it fixed and reinstated

Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account with Momentum Digital.

GMB Suspension Reinstatement Form
GMB Reinstatement Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does it take?
    • It really depends on the suspension reason and wait times with Google. It can take on average 2-4 weeks. Please be patient to help us Reinstate A Suspended GMB Account.
  • How much does it cost?
    • We are priced very reasonably at $500 for the value we provide. Getting listed and back on Google is worth a ton of money in organic SEO leads.
  • Do we have Payment Plans?
    • Not yet. It’s only $500 total with a 50% deposit of $250 to get started then another $250 once fixed and verified.
  • How do we accept payment?
    • We accept Cards only through our payment invoice portal.
  • Who is your main point of contact?
    • Mac owns the business and is the former Google and GMB Expert BUT you will probably be working with one of our GMB Experts like Eric.
  • What if we cant fix your listing?
    • We have 100% success rate. However, 90% of the time we get it fixed and reinstated where 10% of the time we have to create you a new listing and get it live transfer any reviews you had previously if it’s a hard suspension.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    • YES. We offer 100% guarantee that we will get you back on Google or you will not have to pay the final payment of $250. If we don’t get it live we will create you a new listing for the other $250 if you want. 
  • Is there a warranty?
    • YES. We give you a free 90-day warranty if you get suspended again in the next 3 months.
  • Do we offer other SEO services?
    • YES. We are a full service digital marketing agency that works exclusively with small and growing businesses. We are partnered with Google, Facebook & more.
  • Do we need your login?
    • We HIGHLY recommend getting your direct GMB login because Google prioritizes getting communication from the account owner instead of adding a GMB manager which takes much longer.
  • Why did I get suspended?
    • It really depends on the type of business, how you created the listing originally, who is managing your GMB, what recent changes you made, what type of business you operate, and how your current listing is setup.
GMB Customer Testimonials
GMB Reinstatement Review 2
We fixed over 300 cases this year alone!
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