February 8, 2023

How to Repost from Instagram to Google

Learn How to Repost from Instagram to Google Business using this simple process!

Build and Grow Your Business Website with Professional Help! Today, You will Learn How to Repost Pictures and Videos from Instagram, onto Your Google Business Profile.

Why Should You Repost to Google?

Today, Most business owners understand the importance of active and frequently updated social media accounts. After all, it is estimated that 72% of Americans use social media, so having your business on these platforms is crucial for brand awareness and earning more customers. However, some businesses often make the mistake of only using the mainstream social media apps to promote their business; sinking hours per week into posts, stories, and ads into their Instagram and neglect putting quality time into their Google Business profiles

Similar to Instagram and Facebook, Google my Business (GMB) is also a social network, and is fundamental for a business that’s looking to stand out online. Staying up to date on all of these social media platforms can seem overwhelming to manage, especially when you also have to run a business at the same time. Luckily, here at Momentum Digital, we specialize in helping small businesses by making digital marketing easy! Today, I will teach you how to use content that’s made for social media and specifically how to repost from Instagram to Google; Best of all, this process only takes 5 minutes!

The Importance of Your Google Business Profile

Before we begin, we need to understand the importance of maintaining your Google Business profile on a daily basis. Google’s algorithm, which chooses the websites and businesses to display when a relevant phrase or question is asked, favors businesses who actively work on their profiles. This is because the algorithm’s confidence that your business matches what a user is searching for, is greatly increased when there are always new and consistent posts, reviews, and pictures to confirm this.

For instance, If you owned a store that sells Collectables, it would be wise to post on Google Business about the baseball cards, comic books, and antique toys that you sell to best optimize your profile for the search engine (SEO). Otherwise, Google will never have enough confidence that your business sells these items when a potential customer searches for “Comic book store near me”. Along with Improved visibility in Google searches, tending to your Google Business profile is necessary for customer engagement and credibility. If your business appears in a search, frequent updates, pictures, and numerous glowing reviews will persuade a potential customer that your business is legitimate and trustworthy; when deciding whether to visit you or a competitor. 

How to Repost!

Now, to fix this issue! One simple way to nourish a starving Google Business Profile, is to repost pictures and videos that were made for your Instagram, or any other social media accounts. Reposting from Instagram to Google is quick, easy, and well worth your time! 

Find your content

First, find a post on your Instagram profile that paints a good and clear picture about what your business is about. This can be both a picture or video, but keep in mind that any video posted to GMB must be under 30 seconds and smaller than 75 Megabytes

Download Correctly

Instagram, and most other social media platforms, do not allow users to download original full resolution images and videos from posts for various reasons. So downloading a post for reposting takes a few extra steps. Screenshotting your post is not recommended, because the screenshot will ruin the resolution of the image and it could appear blurry when uploaded to google. So, to properly download a post, search on Google for “Download Instagram Posts“ and choose one of the websites offered in the results. Most, if not all, of these websites are free to use because they run ads, so choose one that’s close to the top and recommended by Google. 

Next, copy the link from the address bar on your Instagram post, and paste it onto the download website. Hit download and soon you should have your post in full resolution! 

Upload to Google my Business

Search on Google for your Business Page, and make sure you are logged in. You should be able to edit your GMB page straight from the search results. Select “Add Update”, and navigate to the “Add Photos” box. Here you can upload both a picture and video. Select the file you downloaded from Instagram and upload it to GMB. Make sure to add a description about the post, this can also be copy and pasted from the original instagram post if needed. Multiple Pictures can be uploaded to a single post, as well. You can also create a Button that links to your Instagram post by selecting “Link for your button” from the “add button” box. Post the same link you used to download the image here. 

Thanks for Reading!

That’s all! You know know how to Repost from Instagram to Google! Do this every time you make a post on social media, and your Google My Business will appreciate it. All effort put into it, will be rewarded if done consistently. This is just one simple method to grow your business online, if you want to learn more check out other related posts to help grow your GMB and Social Media:

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