July 30, 2018

SBS | Felt + Fat

On this week’s Small Business Saturday, we featured a first-rate, unique, and absolutely beautiful ceramic company, Felt + Fat.

Mac visited Felt + Fat’s studio to talk with the founder, Nate Mell, about how he started his company here in Philadelphia. Mell discusses his background in art, his vision for his ceramics business, and why he named his company Felt+ Fat. And we even got Rufus the dog to hang out with us!

One of the many reasons Felt + Fat is so special is because they make their clay and glazes from raw material. This allows them to create more custom pieces for their clients, whether that be a restaurant seeking a specific product or an individual looking for a special set. These handmade pieces accent people’s home, make delicious food stand out, and just give you something beautiful to look at.

If you’re interested in buying some products visit Felt + Fat’s website or check them out on Instagram or Facebook!

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Until next Saturday!!

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