September 17, 2018

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia- Love City Brewing

Small Businesss Saturday Philadelphia

Love City Brewing

On week’s Small Business Saturday in Philadelphia, we sat down with Melissa and Kevin, owners of Love City Brewing Company to talk about how their small business on Hamilton Street in Philadelphia.

Love City Brewing is all about bringing the simplicity back to drinking a good beer.  “Good people, good beer, and a good way to cap off the day”. Love City Brewing Co is your new place for a solid, high quality beer that you know will be the perfect end to a long day at work, or the start to a fun night out with friends. Stop by for a drink and sip on the fresh, crisp taste of something made only 100-feet away from you. What more could you possibly ask for?

Melissa and Kevin met about 13 years ago over a keg at a mutual friend’s house party, ever since that night they haven’t stopped talking. With Kevin’s brewing background they knew their common dream of owning a brewery in Philadelphia wasn’t too far out of reach. Together they have created an array of beers made for every type of person who may roam into their doors.  

 Love City Brewing Co is a bar that is one of a kind. Melissa and Kevin’s  hip, minimalist-styled warehouse bar is located right in between Northern Liberties and Old City. A step into Love City Brewing Co will change your perspective on how and where to drink beer.

The bar holds many events such as hosting a number of food trucks from Thursday to Sunday right inside the bar and supporting local nonprofits. Each quarter, Melissa and Kevin team up with a charity and brew a beer where a portion of the profit goes towards their cause.


Walking into Love City Brewing Co is meant to be a comfortable experience for everyone. There is space for everyone whether your in a wheelchair or walking or if you love beers or martinis. Love City also had gender neutral bathrooms to make it known that everyone is welcome inside the walls of their warehouse bar. The diversity and beauty of this bar make it the perfect spot for parties or small gatherings.

 Melissa and Kevin’s small business is unique because of their amazing business model and ability to stick to their core values throughout their 13 years in the brewing industry. Follow their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and visit their bar the next time you need to go out for a drink with friends.

Not only should you enjoy a beer that feels like it was made for you, but take the time to enjoy the amazing atmosphere around you.

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