September 10, 2018

Small Business Philadelphia- United by Blue

Small Business Saturday: United By Blue

On this week’s Small Business Saturday Philadelphia we went to  United by Blue, an eco- friendly Coffeehouse and Clothier located on Race St in Philadelphia. We talked with Brian Linton, owner of United by Blue, to get more information.  

Not only should United By Blue be recognized for its amazing location but, also its top quality clothing and delicious treats and top-notch coffee. After hearing Brian’s story, we couldn’t help but appreciate his entrepreneurship and idea to combine his passion for helping the environment with his business model. Brian has truly made an impact on the Philadelphia community by taking a hands on approach to cleaning up ocean waters.

United By Blue has so much to offer and it goes beyond the merchandise (even though their products are pretty awesome).

Brian first started his first business at his undergrad at Temple University in 2006. Back then the business was focused on ocean water conservation through money donations. When Brian started United By Blue , Brian wanted a more tangible impact on collecting trash from our ocean waters. United by Blue rolls up their sleeves (litterally) to tackle environmental issues. For every product sold, United By Blue cleans up one pound of trash. So far, 1,104,472 pounds of trash. That’s definitely a mission we can all get behind.

New products are constantly being produce and their well made quality outdoor gear is essential to nature lovers or those who aspire to be. Check out their trendy house decor, high quality blankets, and amazing all-weather hiking boots. Not to mention the cozy- cabin like store aesthetic with a spectacular view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge is any Philadelphians’ escape. Enjoy a cup of coffee and bakery item while saving the environment at the same time.

What’s better than supporting a small local business, shopping for high quality gear,  as well as  removing pounds of trash from our oceans? Not much. Check out United By Blue on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stop by Race St and join the #bluemovement.

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