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70% of businesses lack a consistent or integrated content marketing strategy!

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Are you a small business owner looking to grow and expand? If so, it’s time to start focusing on your digital presence. This means getting more customers online who are looking for your products and services. Take a look at our digital marketing services to see how we can help.

I’ve been doing digital marketing for over a decade now. I started with social media, but now I focus on all aspects of digital, especially anything related to Google. Having worked at Google, I now also have the experience and credibility of working with thousands of different types of customers.

At Momentum Digital we offer Local SEO, Website SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, PR, Photography & Virtual Tours, and much more!

Compete for industry-leading keywords and take the next step in online advertising. Get your products and services to the top page of Google and outrank your competition using cost-effective PPC bidding strategies! Google Ads is what we first started offering as a service when we launched the agency in 2015. Google Adwords is a quick and easy way to advertise for people searching for what you offer. Within a few days we can have your ads account setup and driving you leads.

Whether it’s on-page optimization, keyword analysis, page speed, sitemap submission, or a bevy of other issues, your site’s performance and ranking will suffer without proper SEO management and upkeep. Search Engine Optimization is essential for 99% of businesses and a key to growing your website traffic. Within a few months we can get you to rank at the top of Google and other search engines with this marketing service!

If your website has not been created in the last 365 days, it is likely you are lacking key SEO and design optimizations. Do not waste any money sending customers to an outdated location online. Website Design and Development is a common but essential marketing service offered by most marketing agencies. We take a unique approach but not only building your website, but setting it up for proper marketing and SEO to get you more customers.

Connect with your customers using 360 technology through dynamic visual engagement.   Providing a 25% impression increase in Local Search, this is a way to stand out from competitors.

You may be missing out on potential customers who are sitting right next to you. Become the “#1 Go-To product/service” in your current location by pushing out your business info to local directories! Local SEO is our main marketing service here at Momentum. We provide you with SEO setup and management using Google, Local Listings and more!

Using the latest strategies and up-to-date engagement processes, we offer an all-encompassing solutions to grow your organic following and increase the number of people who interact with you.

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We align your goals with our marketing services to focus on bringing you the most value for your business.

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This would involve lead generation and pay-per-click ads for customer acquisition.

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This would involve SEO and content marketing for inbound organic leads.

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