May 14, 2018

Small Business Saturday | The Gallery Cafe

This week on Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Caroline McGuire, owner of the The Galley Cafe in the Navy Yard, put her Berkley education to work when she started this holistic, vegan, superfood-focused breakfast and lunch spot.

Caroline’s goal is to help as many people as she can by spreading knowledge on nutrition as well as serving the freshest  ingredients in her cafe. This cafe has all types of ingredients that promote healthy and active lifestyles to her customers.

 Caroline McGuire, is a certified Natural Chef and Holistic Health Coach at Vincera Institute and LeBus Bakery.

Caroline passion for superfood health began in college, as she studied Food Marketing at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Caroline happened to be an athlete herself she  was a D1 athlete on the rowing team. She primarily focused on marketing strategies for processed foods.

According to Carolyn “As an athlete there were drinks, bars, and powders for building muscle, energy, and performance. It wasn’t until then I realized that the “food” we were using to fuel our bodies wasn’t food at all, it was fake processed food. The missing piece to peak performance was nutrition.”

The Galley cafe is located in the lobby of Vincera Institute and offers a full organic coffee and tea bar, smoothies, breakfast, lunch, and of course yummy baked goods. The galley has gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Looking for more information? Check out  the PRINTABLE MENU or give them a visit at the Navy Yard.


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