October 29, 2018

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia- Philadelphia Photo Arts

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia:
Philadelphia Photo Arts

On this week’s episode of Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Sarah Stolfa, CEO and Artistic Director of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.

Founded in 2009, PPAC is located right on American Street in North Philadelphia. The center strives to embody the study, practice, and appreciation of contemporary photography. PPAC does this by offering affordable programs, workshops, classes, and resources to all Philadelphians looking to expand their photography skills.

The center aims to be a space that supports all local artists and photographers, as well as the entire surrounding community. PPAC is the only non-profit to offer spaces, services, and support like they do to contemporary photographers in Philadelphia.


Philadelphie Photo Arts local artists and photographers.

PPAC believes that photography is very democratic – we are all photographers and we are all creative in some way. The non-profit is always putting out new and exciting work as well as fulfilling other PPAC initiatives through art.

One of the projects PPAC developed recently is called the Women’s Mobile Museum. This project gave 10 arts internships to 10 disadvantaged women who didn’t have access to the arts or the means to pursue higher education. By the end of the program, all of the women earned a BFA, valuable life, and the important business skills to keep their art career going. Their work is still exhibiting in different spaces all over the city.

PPAC has a number of amazing events and exhibitions. One exhibition that is running currently features an art collaboration between the 10 women from the Women’s Mobile Museum project and Zanele Muholi, an artist from South Africa. You can find this exhibition at Dixie Hall in Point Breeze. Details about this exhibition and more can be found on their website.

You can find our friends at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center on their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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