February 4, 2019

Marketing Podcast Interview with Skin Haus

Please watch our Small Business Saturday Marketing Podcast Interview with Skin Haus Facial Bar.

This week we sat down with Shireen Mustafa, owner of Skin Haus, a small business located in South Philadelphia. The team at Skin Haus specializes in facial and individualized skin treatments for all skin types. At Skin Haus, they want to make your skin the best it can be.

Skin Haus’ founder, Shireen, has always been a self-starter. Shireen has experienced skin issues herself. Instead of taking guesses as to what her skin needed, she decided to get educated in skincare. Shireen went on to study dermatology, spending eight years working in the dermatology field. During her eight years in the field, Shireen focused on diagnosing skin types and then creating treatment plans for what the client’s skin needed.

Skin Haus

Shireen wants to change the way skincare is viewed – skincare should not be considered a luxury, but a part of your normal health and wellness practice. They strive to provide affordable skincare treatments that are purely focused on your skin concerns and overall results. Skin Haus wants to be your skin coach in caring for your skin the proper way.

Shireen always wanted to start her own business.

Skin Haus facial bar

However, it was Shireen’s children that pushed her to take the leap to start Skin Haus. So far, she has been up and running for 5 months. It still hasn’t hit her yet – she has been helping people with their skin for so long that it feels like the same process for her. Some of her initial steps for starting the business included creating a business plan, making a marketing plan, creating an advertising plan, and figuring out her target market.

Skin Haus offers a number of 30-minute and 50-minute facial treatment options. There are also options for add-ons to your facials, such as LED Treatments, Skin Peels, and Eye Treatments. They also has a number of general skin treatment types available ranging from skin brightening, skin redness reduction, and acne treatments and peels. Visit their website to check out their full range of treatments, facials, and peels.

Make sure to follow Skin Haus on social media to stay up-to-date on their offerings. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram. Get your skin right in 2019 by starting your skincare journey at Skin Haus.

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skin haus bar

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