January 28, 2019

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia – Podcast – See Philly Run

During this week’s episode of the Small Business Saturday Philadelphia Podcast, Mac and Delilah spoke with Ian Thomas. Ian is the owner and founder of See Philly Run.

See Philly Run is a small business that conducts unique Philly running tours. See Philly Run offers an array of different running tours for runners of all types! Whether you’re a tourist, a local, or a company looking for a team building exercise, See Philly Run has you covered.


See Philly Run was founded by Ian as a passion project. Ian has always had a love for both history and running. Although he is not originally from Philly, he can attest that Philadelphia is completely unique and unlike any other city he has been to. Ian received his Master’s degree at Temple University in history and decided that now was the time to begin the See Philly Run journey. The tours hosted by See Philly Run do not aim to give a complete history of Philadelphia. Instead, the tours offer fun facts and “headline” style information about the city as the run progresses.

See Philly Run Running Tour

All See Philly Run tours go at a pace for people of all running skill-levels. As Ian puts it, “you aren’t going to break any personal records on the run, but don’t show up in high heels.” The longest run available at the moment totals five miles. City running is something special, particularly in Philadelphia, because you get to see a lot in a short amount of time and you end up in spaces that you normally wouldn’t be otherwise. While on the running tour, there are plenty and stops and photo ops. This gives you the opportunity to not only document your tour, but to enjoy all of the beautiful Philly scenery.

See Philly Run has a number of unique running tours available. To name a few, there is…
  • Philly Squared. This tour takes you to the five main squares in Philadelphia.
  • The Rocky Run. This tour takes you through the infamous Rocky run. Your group will travel through the Italian Market and South Philly, ending at the Art Museum Steps.
  • The Beer Run. Discover some of Philly’s best pubs, breweries, and beer gardens on this tour. End your journey with a celebratory post-run brew!
Ian with See Philly Run

Once your run is complete, Ian will give you a recap of what you saw, a map of where you ran, and some more information about each spot you visited. This is sent directly to your inbox when the run is complete!

Right now, See Philly Run is Ian’s passion project. He has tons of things in mind to expand on the business and possibly move it to other major cities in the U.S. one day. Listen to the full podcast to hear his plans and strategies for expansion as well as Mac and Delilah’s advice.

See Philly Run Tour



If you would like to book a running tour with See Philly Run, visit their website or book your tour through Airbnb Experiences. Don’t see a run you want to take? No worries – Ian can create a custom run just for you! Follow See Philly Run on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date with their latest offerings.



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