May 20, 2019

Spike’s Trophies

Did you think past Small Business Saturday features like Cedar Street Barbell Club or Ecco Adventures was unique? Wait until you read more about this week’s small business!

During this week’s episode of Small Business Saturday Philadelphia, we sat down with Keith Baldwin from Spike’s Trophies. With three locations – in Northeast Philadelphia, Center City, and on the Main Line –  Spike’s is a one-stop shop for trophies, awards, plaques, signage, shirts, and more! Spike’s Trophies aims to be a fast and dependable Recognition Resource that assists their clients in recognizing people, brands and identities.

Spike’s – Founded in 1929

Keith started at Spike’s when he was just 18 years old. At the time, he was attending Temple University. However, he loved Spike’s and the business so much that left college to pursue a full-time career there. He has been building up the business and the brand ever since!

“In the very beginning, it was a good thing that I was young and didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t know if I could do it today, it was a lot of hard work.”

– Keith Baldwin

In the beginning, Spike’s had a rocky start. The company only employed a few full-time employees, was not growing at a rapid scale, and was basically left for dead. Keith was working for a local sporting goods company that acquired Spike’s and merged the brands.

Keith learned everything he knows about being an owner and president of a company from the School of Hard Knocks. Nothing came without a learning curve, but Keith and the Spike’s brand definitely came out on top after all was said and done.

Spike's Trophies Team

In 2004, a long-time dream of Keith’s came true – he and many of his best friends, who he met through working at Spike’s, were able to acquire the business. Now Keith, Chris, Gary, Glenn, and Ted are all partners/owners of Spike’s. Over the past few years, they have been working tirelessly to build a supportive, productive, and, most importantly, fun workspace.

Spike’s – The Production

If you need something specialized for your event – Spike’s has your back. Whether it is a corporate award, office signage, or participation awards for a t-ball team, Spike’s will produce a high-quality product quickly for your business.

Spike’s incorporates state-of-the-art technology into their trophy and award making process in order to get your orders to you in a timely manner. Usually, there is a typical turn-around time of about three days for every Spike’s order.

Spike’s has done some amazing custom awards for prestigious businesses such as:

Phillie Phanatic – Silly String Award

Philly Phanatic Silly String

Spike’s created this custom award for the Philly Phanatic. It was presented by the Mascot Hall of Fame.

AstraZeneca CEO Award

AstraZeneca CEO Award

This award is known as the corporate Oscar – it is presented as the top award of AstraZeneca. Spike’s creates a similar award for many local businesses and corporations.

Broad Street Run Medals

Broad Street Run Medals

Being an event-driven company, Spike’s does a lot of custom awards for local events such as the Broad Street Run or the Dad Vail Regatta.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday award

Keith and the Spike’s team even made us our own award! It took 3-5 minutes in total after they received our logo. It is something Momentum and the Small Business Saturday team will cherish forever – thanks Spikes!

A fun fact about Spike’s? They have their own Mascot! Spike it the golden mascot of the company. He was trained by the Phillie Phanatic himself and can be found at many local events, bringing fun and laughter wherever he goes.

Spike's Trophies - Spike

Spike’s is also home to the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame! When the Sports Hall of Fame could no longer afford to pay for their space, Spike’s graciously offered them free space in their Northeast Philadelphia location. The Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame is open to visitors every Saturday.

For more information about Spike’s, check out their website at https://www.gospikes.com  – You can also follow Spike’s on Facebook and Instagram.

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