July 22, 2019

Sweetly Scooped Ice Cream

During this week’s episode of Small Business Saturday Philadelphia, we sat down with Marek Sulzynski (and his wonderful family – Julien, Flore, and Ellie) from Sweetly Scooped. Located in Jenkintown, Sweetly Scooped is a family-friendly ice cream parlor serving up unique ice cream dishes and shakes!





Nothing is better in the summer than ice cream – the Small Business Saturday team loves ice cream!

We have highlighted a number of different ice cream spots in the city – including Little Baby’s, Zsa’s, and N2 Sweet Cafe, but never an ice cream shop quite like Sweetly Scooped!


Sweetly Scooped – The Story


It all began with an ice cream dream.


Since Marek was young, he had dreamed of owning his own ice cream shop. Marek grew up in Poland, and some of his most beloved memories were his summer ice cream outings with his grandfather. The ice cream shop was quite a way away from his house, so every outing was an adventure.

He loved everything about the experience from ordering his favorite flavor and the smells of the ice cream to the sights at the shop and the friendly parlor attendants.


This experience still resonates with him to this day.


The memories were so magical that he wanted to relive those memories with his own children and recreate his beloved childhood ice cream experiences at Sweetly Scooped.


Marek and family


Marek migrated to the U.S. when he was five and has been working ever since to fulfill his dream. Sweetly Scooped was finally opened 2 years ago. This summer is their second full summer of operation.


Sweetly Scooped – The Shop

Sweetly Scooped aims to be a welcoming place for everyone. They believe that everyone is connected to each other – especially when sharing the experience of enjoying a sweet treat.


The mission of Sweetly Scooped is to share their passion for ice cream with every customer that walks through the doors. 


Sweetly Scooped is a fun, family-friendly space. The shop has ample seating options and a separate play area for children. The walls of the shop are decorated with hand-painted murals, created by Marek and his family.


sweetly scooped mural


Sweetly Scooped – Ice Cream and More

Sweetly Scooped has a number of amazing items on their menu. Some of the menu options include:


Ice Cream


Sweetly Scooped only serves the highest quality ice cream to their customers. Unlike some other ice cream brands, their ice cream is made with 60% butterfat and no unnecessary air added, making it smooth, rich, and creamy.

At Sweetly Scooped, they try to keep a good mix of traditional ice cream flavors and new creations. They also have non-dairy options, like sorbet, and vegan options.


sweetly scooped ice cream


Insane Shakes

Sweetly Scooped elevates the typical ice cream experience by offering “insane shakes.” These shakes are served exclusively at Sweetly Scooped.


The shakes are extremely oversized, meant for sharing, and include a ton of delicious toppings, depending on which one you go for, such as a full ice cream cone, homemade cotton candy, and fresh-baked cookies.


These shakes are great for families with children, couples, or anyone just looking to try something different!

Some crowd favorites include:

Cookie and Cream Dream, Waffle Wonderland, and Candy Carnival


waffle wonderland insane shake


the carnival insane shake







Sweely Scooped bakes fresh cookies daily. These cookies can be ordered on their own, used as a topping on an insane shake, or paired with your favorite ice cream flavor to create an ice cream sandwich!

The shop is located in Jenkintown, but has a partnership with Uber Eats where you can order ice cream delivered right to your door!

For more information about Sweetly Scooped, check out their website at https://www.sweetlyscooped.com/  – You can also follow Sweetly Scooped on Facebook and Instagram.

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