December 26, 2018

Omkara Tattoo Parlor Marketing Interview

Please watch our Small Business Saturday Marketing Interview with Omkara Tattoo Parlor in Philadelphia.

Momentum Digital is back with another episode of Small Business Saturday, where we highlight a deserving company in the greater Philadelphia area. This Saturday we sat down with Nha Nguyen, Founder of Omkara Tattoo Parlor in South Philly.

At Omkara Tattoo, the team of dedicated artists will bring your tattoo dreams to life. Omkara is a word meaning “everything that was, will be and is.” It is a vague meaning that is meant to mean something different to everyone that walks through their doors.

Nha founded Omkara and began his tattooing career after a nightmare tattoo experience. The tattoo, which was supposed to be a phoenix, turned out looking like a treasure map. Nha had always had a passion for art and had actually done art in the past. He decided that he could do better.

Next time around, when Nha went to get the bad tattoo covered up, he came with his own art ready to go. The tattoo artist at the shop was so impressed that he referred him to the shop owner and got Nha his first tattooing job.

Omkara was originally located in New Jersey but decided to relocate to South Philadelphia about four years ago. Omkara has been serving tattoo lovers for over 5 years.

At Omkara, you have the freedom to connect with your desired tattoo artist. All of the artists at Omkara have personal Instagrams displaying their work. You are encouraged to reach out to the artist with your vision, or a photo of the desired art piece. For larger art projects, the artists prefer you to come down to the shop in person to discuss the piece – they will often take a photo of the space where you want the tattoo so that they can properly prep the artwork.

We had the chance to speak with Omkara artists Dan Mason and Dennis Duran. Dan and Dennis explained the process of becoming a tattoo artists through apprenticeships and years of practice. As for the most painful tattoo location, the ribs or chest definitely take the cake. Dan and Dennis have their own social media accounts where you can view their past tattoo artwork. You can find Dan and Dennis on Instagram!

Omkara Tatoo parlor


At Omkara, they are open to every kind of tattoo style and have artists on hand to accommodate everyone’s wishes.

You can connect with our friends at Omkara Tattoo on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find more information about them online on their website. Be sure to watch the full SBS interview with Omkara on our YouTube channel!

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