September 8, 2017

The Entrepreneur American Dream

In light of this past 4th of July, and all our national issues regarding race, the economy, politics, I wanted to mention my thankfulness for being alive as an American. Despite all this negativity we see portrayed in the news and social media, I still have faith in this country and am proud to call myself an American. Yes, our nation has all sorts of problems, but I believe we can still overcome them together if we focus back to the core principles our country was founded on: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Having freedom and independence should not be taken for granted, so I want to explain what it still means to chase The Entrepreneur American Dream as a business owner.

Being an entrepreneur is more than building a startup, raising capital and living in Silicon Valley. Yes, many of us love technology, traveling and growth hacking, but we’re not all trying to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Just because you’ve seen an episode of the ever-popular “Shark Tank” on ABC, and understand the term Venture Capitalist, does not mean you know what an entrepreneur truly is…. So let me tell you.

To me, being an entrepreneur is more a way of life than anything. There is no set 9-5 job and nobody to report to. Your customers are the boss, and you report to nobody but yourself (or sometimes the bank).  I look at entrepreneurship as a lifestyle to build something you can call your own; something you can grow and perfect and take pride in because of all your hard work.

An entrepreneur could be someone running a food cart or selling clothes out of their trunk, or it could be someone who built a Fortune 100 tech company, and everything in between. You take and manage risks, and do everything you can to continually grow and improve.  This is the American Dream, and it is what I will be pursuing the rest of my life.  I will never have a job again, but instead will work for myself to create new jobs for others.

Just writing this gives me the chills, but it’s a reminder as well, that I have been granted the greatest gift by being born into a life of opportunity, and I thank God every day for that opportunity to do what I love. What I love is using my skills to help others, and to make people happy around me. Most people are entrepreneurs for 4 reasons (as explained by Ryan Blair in Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain): Independence, Wealth, Recognition, and Contribution. Being self-employed and doing what you want is the purest form of freedom and independence. Becoming wealthy (and financially independent), and at least having the opportunity to make a lot of money due to your own personal achievements is a very strong feeling, which has been a key driver for centuries. Recognition and fame are common for many big tech entrepreneurs and is sought by millions, but not everybody; and the latter should be more appreciated. Being able to contribute to society and the well-being of others is extremely powerful, and is something I hope our generation can do as well, if not better than previous generations. This is a scary and selfish world we live in, and it’s up to us, especially entrepreneurs, to help make a difference.

I appreciate the opportunity that I have been granted in life, as most of us should, so let’s do what we can (as entrepreneurs or not) to give back to society.

entrepreneur american dream

About me…

Since leaving Google, I was able to partner up with a few talented friends of mine from Penn State to follow my entrepreneurial endeavors by starting my own company, Momentum Digital LLC, a digital media and marketing agency. We provide growing companies the necessary consulting and digital marketing services (SEO, PPC, Web Design & Development) to kickstart their business.

I am able to use my skillset to help other entrepreneurs grow their business and digital presence to increase their bottom line. This is what I love to do, and it also gives me free time to work on my other interests (Real Estate, Branding, Startups, etc). I also own and operate the best and fastest growing electronics repair company in Philadelphia – Phone Repair Philly – that I also use as a case study to show the ability Momentum has in growing a small business online.

If you or anyone you know needs help with their digital business presence then please have them reach out and message me on Linkedin on email me.

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