August 20, 2018

The Benefits of Using Instagram Stories for Your Business

Let's talk about the Benefits of Using Instagram Stories for Your Business!

Welcome back to another Momentum Marketing Blog where we are going to cover the benefits of using Instagram Stories for your Business. Everyone has heard about Instagram. You might have even used IG stories before. BUT, have you ever created strategic and unique Instagram stories for your business marketing?

Instagram Stories have been around for some time now (August 2016), if your business hasn’t utilized them like most clients do, then you might want to consider trying Stories out.

Instagram Stories are a fun way to explore different marketing strategies and help grow accounts. With over 300 million people using Instagram Stories daily, this Instagram feature is bond to increase the traffic going to your business’ page.


1.Increases Engagement

When using Instagram Stories, businesses are able to create a specific and personal engagement with their audience. Instagram stories allow for endless opportunities to connect with people.

For example, if you see a picture that one of your followers posted, don’t be afraid to give them recognition by reporting it on your story. Most likely, people will respond positively and pay closer attention to your account if individuals are featured.

Using as much content from followers (with credit given, of course) or answering FAQs on your story is an opportunity to organically grow and keep followers.

2. Diversify Strategy

It is important to cater to as many of your client’s preferences as possible. Instagram Stories are the perfect way to do this.

Each week, or even every day, your business can test out different Instagram Story posting strategies to see what your clients enjoy the most and what’s going to get them engaged with your account.

This is a great way to use content to its fullest potential and, possibly ,get new clients to engage. Using the free resources you already have on the Instagram app is a great chance to find your market.

3. Save and Repurpose Content

 Why work harder to create better content? All that you need is right in front of you!

Posting already existing pictures from your page to your Story is the perfect way to have automatic content to share.

A popular and effective way to reuse already existing content is to make a “New Post” Story. To do this, simply hide the image of your new post with a gif or use the draw tool to conceal it. This tactic alerts your audience when something new is added to your Instagram page. And the best part? This quick, daily post that takes almost no effort to create and it will increase the amount of likes on your post.

People will often forget about old content instantly because of the amount of content posted on insta every minute.

Take advantage of Stories to bring more attention to your hard work.

Maintain Visibility on Feed

Because of the new algorithm, Instagram is not letting audiences see posts in chronological order. This new algorithm tries to predict what will be the most valuable to you instead of displaying posts in the order they were uploaded.

In other words, Instagram is trying to push more posts from your friends and family to the top of your feed, and all of the product and advertisements to the bottom of your Instagram feed.

If you are managing client social media accounts, this can be bad news for you and your clients. Businesses aren’t considered friends and family, so they are automatically pushed further down the feed even if the post is not a promotion or advertisement.

Stories are the perfect way to still be visible to potential clients, because Stories are still displayed in chronological order. Posting an appropriate 1-5 times a day on your Story is the perfect way to stay on your client’s mind.

Polls, Questionnaires, Locations, Hashtags, and more!

Instagram is adding new features by the second in order to connect you more with your followers. Using the different features is a way to connect with audiences and let them voice their opinions.

Most instagram tools are fun and lighthearted, but still an amazing way to find out what your audience likes or engage a group of people. For example, adding music to your story can be a great way to add a little extra something to your Story to grab people’s attention.

The options of Instagram Stories are endless. Stories can be an essential way to add personality to your company and expand your brand.

If you’re not testing out and exploring new ways to grow your accounts then you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow your business in various ways. It’s okay to test multiple Stories to figure out what’s the best way to communicate with your clients and figure out what’s best for your company’s vibe. Utilize your tools and work on a smarter way of outputting your content.

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