September 11, 2017

Tools to Increase Website Page Speed

Here are the Top 3 Tools to Increase Website Page Speed by Momentum Digital

In this Momentum Marketing Blog, we are going to cover what we believe are the top 3 Digital Tools to Increase Website Page Speed. Read below as we cover how to use them and how they’re effective.

Part 1 — Auditing Your Website: Tools to Increase Website Page Speed

There are many simple tactics you can adopt to improve the speed of your site. First, however, we must establish a benchmark of your current website’s performance. Momentum likes to employ the following website performance tests:


  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
    This tool allows us to gauge exactly what Google tests for when crawling your website. An ideal score is 90 or above and Google is nice enough to tell you exactly how to fix certain items to not only improve your website but also your SEO ranking.
  2. Pingdom
    Pingdom is another great tool we use to get a second opinion on our website performance. Similarly, they give a graded breakdown of where your site does well and where it can improve. It then prints out an overall performance grade along with clock load time, page size, and a ranked comparison against tested websites.
  3. GTmetrix
    Last but not least, we round out our tests with GTmetrix. Utilizing GTmetrix gives us a balance between Google PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom. We’re able to spot deficiencies where Pingdom might have missed and vice versa. GTmetrix usually runs the test on an international server as well, which gives you a more informed analysis of your website. Ideal PageSpeed scores and YSlow scores are in the “A” range corresponding with 90%+. Also, keep in mind the page load time here as well as it can differ from Pingdom’s.

Thanks for learning about our top 3 Tools to Increase Website Page Speed. Stay tuned next time for Part 2 where we go in-depth about high-value web hosts and CDNs.

Tools to Increase Website Page Speed

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