April 1, 2019

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Learn About the Top 5 WordPress Plugins (2019)

In this article, we will go over a few must-have WordPress plugins for your WordPress installation and Website design. These plugins will help you manage your website, optimize for SEO, and give you the ability to create new avenues for your users.


Yoast SEO, Tidio Chat, HotJar, Get Site Control, Sticky Side Buttons

When creating a new WordPress website, it can be tricky to know where to begin and what tools to download. Maybe you already have a website and would like something new to refresh it. Whether you are building a website for your business or just looking to grow your audience, we’ve got your back. Here are 5 WordPress Plugins to help optimize your Website.Yoast - WordPress Plugins


1). Yoast SEO

The first WordPress plugin we will go over is Yoast SEO. This is a must-have for anyone who wants their website to rank with ease. It gives you the ability to quickly add, edit, and improve your keyword titles and descriptions on the fly. Yoast also displays feedback for each page, going in detail with how well the page will rank. Yoast does this by analyzing the content of your page in conjunction with your focus keyword phrase. Having Yoast SEO installed on your website will give you a user-friendly way to quickly manage your on-page SEO.


Tidio - WordPress Plugins




2). Tidio Chat

If you need a way to directly communicate with your website users, Tidio Chat is a great option. Tidio lets you chat in a way that allows you to always know who your users are. Tidio can track where your users are, and, possibly, their intentions before you start a conversation with them. This is not just a simple chat plugin for your website. It comes equipped with automated bot actions that you are able to customize to fit your needs. For example, your site’s bot action may be showing a promo code to new users on page land, and giving them a quick F.A.Q section once they hit a particular page as they’re looking for specific information.

With the bot automation in Tidio, you are able to answer questions, direct users in the right path, and much more. This may sound tricky to set up, but, luckily, most of the actions you may want are available as free templates within the dashboard! Tidio helps you get started with quick dashboard tutorials that are easy to understand and to the point.

Using Tidio chat is a must-have since its lightweight and easy to use. Once you sign up with your email of choice, Tidio bots and videos will guide you each step of the way to ensure that the installation process succeeds. Once you are connected, the guides further you create and manage your chat experience.Hotjar - WordPress Plugins





3). Hotjar

Hotjar works on just about any CMS platform, as well as Shopify. This platform is freemium, which means you can use Hojar’s standard features with some limitations. This is great as it allows you to start heat mapping your web pages right away. It also provides you with a recorded overview of your users’ actions on web pages. To have more advanced features, there are paid options to help with scalability.

Hotjar also has the functionality to create client profiles, which allows you to easily manage multiple clients. Within each client, you are able to assign team members who can view the data for any specific client folder. The platform’s heatmapping and user interaction recordings are a great way to see what works and what doesn’t when you are optimizing your website. Optimizing for content is simple once you notice the problems your users are facing. Use this tool to get a view of what’s going and start optimizing.


Get Site Control WordPress Plugins




4). Get Site Control

Get Site Control is a perfect Plugin to use for promotional assets, such as popups and banners, for on your website. All you have to do is download and connect the site using the API, and you can start building within the GSC dashboard right away. The plugin is free for one domain.

You can use the email that may be tied to the specific domain being used so that you can manage multiple accounts separately. Once you have your dashboard, you can start setting your pop-ups for the entire domain or for individual pages. This will help with showing specific promotional content within your cluster pages or within blog pages only. With GSC, you can quickly push promotional content to bring in leads and further track your users.


Sticky Side Buttons - WordPress Plugins




5). Sticky Side Buttons

A lot of clients ask us what the best plugin to use for showing social media icons on the pages. Sticky Side Buttons will do the trick. This WordPress plugin does not necessarily come packaged as just a social media icon tool, but you can display anything on your page as a graphical link. This WordPress plugin lets you control every bit of how the icon is shown on the page. It has options for mobile responsive view as well as showing links as “target _blank” with “no-follow”.

In using this quick and free plugin, you can show off your social media icons while still having the ability to add in your share button code from any 3rd party programs you may have.


Unbounce - WordPress Plugins




Bonus: Unbounce

This one is a bonus since you have to pay to use the landing page builder. Nonetheless, Unbounce is a fantastic tool. It is a full-fledge landing page builder that can be connected to your website and used as a means to create subfolders as landing pages. Unbounce gives you the ability to create a landing page on your site such as mywebsite.com/mylandingpage. This is a great way to funnel your customers into specific pages with goals to sell, to inform, or to offer giveaways. Within your landing page, you have full customization power to create beautiful pages for desktop and mobile.

Using Unbounce is one of the best choices for landing pages as it already has a WordPress plugin. Once connected, you can quickly start creating pages. If you do not wish to start from scratch, Unbounce provides free templates for you. Or, you can download and install Unbounce specific templates from a third party such as Envato. Unbounce has a lot of features, so they have fantastic documentation within the dashboard to help you. They also have a great forum that answers most of the simple to even tricky questions you may have. Using Unbounce is a great way to bring in leads and drive sales.

Finding WordPress plugins in 2019 can be hard since there are so many available and you may not be sure which ones to try. Coming up with a quick short list of what to download is easy as long as you have a plan in mind for your SEO, written content, and page structure. Doing so gives you the ability to create a list of plugins to download for all of your future websites so that you can get started quickly and hit the ground running.

When creating a website for your business, it’s essential to have a proper strategy in mind that will allow you to develop the necessary toolset to help grow your user base. At Momentum Digital, we strive to provide you with the best tips and tricks for you to succeed with as we build with you in the digital marketing world. Stay tuned for more tutorials and blogs to help with optimizing your content, website, SEO, digital marketing strategy and much more!

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