June 7, 2021

UberSuggest SEO Tool Customer Review Video

Learn more about UberSuggest (Neil Patel SEO Tool) in this SEO Review Video.

Welcome to another Momentum Monday Marketing blog! Today I’ll perform the UberSuggest SEO Tool Customer Review Video. The UberSuggest software was created by marketing genius Neil Patel to help SEO marketers and small businesses rank higher on Google.

What is UberSuggest?

Most SEO marketers are familiar with UberSuggest already, but if you’re not, let me bring you up to speed.

UberSuggest is a freemium SEO software that allows marketers and business owners the tools to audit, analyze and improve their SEO.

Neil Patel created and coined this SEO software a few years ago. Neil is a beast when it comes to marketing. He knows everything there is to know about marketing and SEO and is a well-paid entrepreneur and speaker across the industry. He runs his own marketing agency and has developed and sold many businesses. He is highly regarded as one of the best current digital marketing experts.

Neil patel seo

Neil Patel is an expert when it comes to SEO. He has been a marketing and SEO expert for years and years. He developed this SEO tool UberSuggest to help small business owners and marketers learn more about SEO while also learning to implement the best practices to help businesses rank higher and get more traffic online.

Best aspects and features of UberSuggest for SEO?

Having been in marketing and SEO for nearly 10 years (2011-2021) I’d say that UberSuggest is probably a Top 5 SEO Tool that I’ve used. I like it for a few reasons I’ll explain below.

But first, let me explain Neil Patel and why I trust him. This man is a legend. He is a business owner, entrepreneur and marketing guru. I’ve seen him speak in-person twice now at Digital Summit in NYC and Hubspot Inbound in Boston. He is clever, witty, strategic, business-minded, and caring.

He created UberSuggest to creating a SaaS business that makes him tons of recurring money using a software he built.  Here are the main tools about the platform I like the most.

  • Domain Overview and dashboard
    • Allows a sky view at your website domain and the issues it’s facing.
    • See your domain authority, traffic estimates, organic keywords, etc
    • This is great to use and preview to get a snapshot of your website and SEO performance.
  • Rank Tracking
    • Track the keywords your ranking for and what to rank for
    • Find out which keywords are performing best and which to focus on
    • Learn what keywords are increasing and dropping
  • Keyword Analyzer
    • Audit and analyze your keywords
    • Get a keyword list overview and get keyword ideas for what to target
    • Create keyword lists and content ideas for types of content and pages to create to rank for certain keywords
  • Competitor Analysis
    • Find out what your competitors are doing and ranking for
    • Analyze competitor websites and keywords
    • Copy competitor blogs and pages to reverse engineer their SEO
    • Find what keywords and pages your competition has
  • SEO Explorer
    • Review and audit your backlinks
    • Find what backlinks are good and bad
    • Find new SEO ideas
  • UberSuggest Chrome Extension
    • Use this chrome plugin to run quick audits and analysis on websites as you’re exploring online.
ubersuggest seo review
How to use UberSuggest

Okay. So how do you use the UberSuggest platform?

Well, start by downloading the Google Chrome Extension. From there you can use that tool on-the-fly to audit and analyze the websites and domains you own or your competitors own. This gives a quick preview snapshot that can open up into the full software itself.

From there you should create an account. I’d suggest using your Google account to login. From there you can create sample projects. Start with your website. Input that domain and get aa quick analysis and overview.

After inputting your domain you can also setup keyword tracking. You can track and check rankings by adding various keywords. The platform will give you recommendations as well as tracking results. You can track on the local level as well geographically.

I’d also suggest reviewing your competitors. Add 3+ website of your competition to get a preview and understanding of their traffic, rankings and strategy. Simply input their domains and see what keywords they are outranking you for on Google.

Lastly, I’d suggest utilizing the suggestions and explorer tools. Find out what pages rank well vs not. Find out what keywords to focus on and what content and pages you need to create.

There’s tons of amazing features about this platform. The best parts I think are the chrome extension, the Freemium model, and how doesn’t expensively lock you into a long term ridiculous monthly contract.

ubersuggest SEO insights
Thanks for learning more from this UberSuggest SEO Tool Customer Review Video!

If you have any comments or questions, leave them down below or contact us. If this was helpful, let us know. For more of our Momentum Monday blogs on digital marketing, SEO, and Google My Business, subscribe to us.

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