May 24, 2019

Urban Axes Marketing Interview

Please watch our Small Business Saturday Marketing Interview with Urban Axes in Philadelphia.

During this week’s recap episode of Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Lily Cope, the Axe Master General at the one-of-a-kind Urban Axes in East Kensington.

Have you ever thrown a full-size ax from behind your head at a target 20 feet in front of you? Well, add some beer and competition to the mix and you’ll get exactly what Urban Axes is offering groups as a new form of entertainment in Kensington, Philadelphia.


Urban Axes is founded by four friends, two of whom lived in Toronto, Canada, where competitive ax-throwing was invented. The other two partners are from Philadelphia. 

Urban Axes Story:

Ax throwing is an actual competitive sport and hobby, and apparently, it’s even better with beer! This group of friends realized how exciting and fun ax-throwing is, so they decided to bring this activity to Philadelphia and other cities in America! Urban Axes has locations in cities such as Philadelphia, Austin, Baltimore, and many more. Check out this list of locations here!

Urban Axes welcomes walk-ins, Groups, private groups, and Corporate or business events. The price points are extremely reasonable for a fun night of ax throwing! Prices vary by the package you choose.

How do you throw the ax?

Ax throwing is easier than you think at Urban Axes. Their team of dedicated coaches will explain in detail safe tips tricks that will help you perfect the art of throwing an ax!

While throwing axes, we were given many tips that we would like to share.

  • The Two-Handed throw:
    • Put both hands on your ax handle and make an X shape, by placing one thumb over the other
    • Position yourself by lining your eyes and body with the target.
    • Pull back behind your head and throw the ax forward, while keeping your momentum and follow-through.
  • 2 most common ways people position their bodies while ax-throwing:
    • Step method: Move your body while throwing the ax, meaning you step up with one foot over the blue line.
    • Locked position Meaning you find your position, and lock up before throwing the ax.
  • Pro Tip: Line up, find your aim, as you step forward, pull back and release the end of the handle.
  • The overall end goal is to keep your eyes focused on your target.

Why Urban Axes?

Why Not? Who doesn’t want to throw an ax? This indoor venue is perfect for bringing groups of friends, colleagues, and family who are looking for a fun, memorable cost-effective activity.

Be sure to book well in advance for group events at your preferred location. Urban Axes offers walk-in throwing sessions during the week. Open 6-7 days a week depending on the location. If your thinking of throwing an event be sure to check out their corporate event packages.

Check out their packages below:  

Open Throwing (Lane A)


This package includes 1 hour of ax throwing with an “Axepert” coach. Keep in mind you will share the space with others, taking turns hitting bullseyes. There is a $20.00 deposit when booking, plus the balance at the event.

Private Group for 13-24 Players


A private group event at Urban Axes would consist of 13 to 24 players running for 2½ hours. The deposit is $114, plus the balance at the event.

With Urban Axes group events and private events, you’ll have a dedicated ax coach and dedicated lanes. Your coach will teach everyone how to throw safely! 

learn how to throw an axe with urban axe


Urban Axes is a BYOB!

The Ax itself is 1.5-pounds and 14-inches long. Scary right?

You must be 21 or older as well.

Urban Axes is a BYOB rustic venue, with kitchen-size refrigerators that are meant to keep your beer and wine chilled. Keep in mind, you’re allowed to bring food, soda, and yes, alcohol (beer and wine only, no hard liquor).

This game is the latest trend that provides community, business, and group entertainment.


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Urban Axes Group event

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