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A lot of marketers and agencies build websites that ‘look good’ and ‘work’.
Don’t you want more than that?

Professional Website Design by Momentum

Your website should be your main digital footprint used to market your products and services. Not only do you need a website that works, you need a website that’s fast, mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and built for marketing purposes. Don’t think short-term when building a website. Think about a few of these key questions whenever building or hiring someone for web design.

Here at Momentum we’ve built over 100 websites; from small business websites to large e-commerce custom websites (and everything in between). Most websites take 1-3 months and cost anywhere from $1000 – $10,000. The cost depends on your type of business and what you hope to achieve. Our developers are capable and experienced using WordPressShopify, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and much more!


Web Design is a pretty common marketing service most agencies provide. You should be interviewing multiple agencies and designers and hiring a company with a team and support cast that can do more than just web design.

You also need to consider marketing, design, SEO, and a full range of solutions that complement a new website.

Questions To Ask When Hiring Web Designers

When hiring someone to design your website, make sure you’re asking the right questions. Not just ‘how much does this cost’ or ‘what will it look like’.

  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • Who do I want to target?
  • What do I want potential customers to see and feel?
  • What makes my brand and business unique?
  • How do I want to get people to this website?
  • What are the main actions I want people to take on this website?
  • How can I get free organic traffic to this website?

At Momentum Digital we focus on you and your business first. We learn about you and work within your budget to build something meaningful, but that also helps your grow your business. Developing a website has become easier and more commoditized. You can hire someone overseas for web design for a few hundred dollars. You could also hire a tech firm stateside to build an over-the-top custom website and app for thousands of dollars. You don’t and shouldn’t want either option. As a small business owner, you need something to help you get more customers.

Keys to a Great Website

If you want a new website then we’ll talk to you about your goals, target market, acquisition channels, and other tangible aspects of your business that complement our process. Here are some core components of a complete website.

Content Management System

You don’t want to get locked into anything complex or difficult to take over if your web designer goes missing or the agency moves on to their next project.

Easier common CMS platforms include WordPress, Squarespace, Wix & more.

Domain & Hosting

What domain will you use and why?

Which hosting is the best package, price and has amazing customer service? Which option has the best security and protection?


You need to have content (both written and visual) on all your pages, not just your homepage. All your product and service pages need to be filled with SEO and UX (user experience) friendly content.

Good content answers questions and solves problems for customers. What problem are you solving and how are you communicating that with content?

Search Engine Optimization

Even the best looking websites wont get organic traffic if they aren’t optimized for SEO. Great agencies build incredible websites that also help with marketing and SEO. We provide the research on keywords and what content to create and the process in which customers will use your website.

Each page we carefully scrutinize for technical SEO and meta seo to help you rank for your core keywords which will drive search traffic to your products and services.

Functionality (UX/UI)

This refers to how users and traffic will use and interact with your website. What buttons will they click on? Where will their attention be focused? How will they convert? Will they call, fill out a form, buy online, or what?

CRO is conversion rate optimization, and this is paramount for the best websites to drive more customers and revenue for clients.

Web Design Options & Pricing

Momentum can help take any business, large or small, to the next level of professionalism with new a web design makeover. We typically focus on Squarespace, WordPress, and Shopify. 

Template Builder


Best for easy, fast, seamless, user and mobile friendly. 

Examples: Squarespace, Wix, Weebly



Best for customization, integrated marketing, SEO and functionality.

Examples: a variety of options from Themeforest & Envato.



Best for selling products online and optimizing product catalogs

Examples: Shopify, WooCommerce & BigCommerce.



Best for a tailored fit to your business based on your needs

Most of these are build from scratch using code

Web Design Process and Timeline

The web design process is fundamental when developing a new site. You need an agency to work alongside you and put your project and goals at the forefront. Momentum has built over 100 websites in the past 5 years, ranging from small $1500 template sites, to $15,000+ custom projects and applications.

Our process follows similar professional techniques that cover the essentials when putting together a new or redesigned website. When starting a new web design project we don’t recommend going over the top or getting too ambitious. Building something complete, functional, user-friendly, SEO friendly, and marketing-friendly, are the most important aspects.

If you’re redesigning your old website and have more time and money then we would suggest upgrading to a custom WordPress site.

Our Proven Web Design Strategy

Mobile-First Design

Phones and tablets are devices used to browse the web – more than desktops! Building websites with mobile functionality and responsiveness in mind is no longer optional. If your website looks bad on an iPhone, people will laugh and leave immediately. We’ll make sure your site is relevant and current.


On-page performance and responsiveness are very similar. Pages that take more than 2-3 seconds to load result in a spike in page abandonment. Using the latest techniques for page and image optimization, we ensure that your page is performing at a level that meets search engine and human standards.

Cross-Browser Testing

By extensively testing our websites with all of the primary internet browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, we leave no room for error, no matter who is viewing your site. Believe it or not, websites can and do look different on different browsers. Have you checked yours recently?

Hosting & Security

Making sure your website is safe and secure is a top priority at Momentum Digital. We add the necessary Security Tickets (SSL) and website hosting to keep your website fast and secure from hackers. This is part of our overall package and pricing for web design.

Web Design Client Case Studies

Momentum has built dozens of websites for all types of clients in various industries. We have multiple designers and developers on our team who are more than capable of delivering a high-quality and effective website for your company.

Reviews for Momentum Digital on Google!

Reviews for Momentum Digital on Google!

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