September 8, 2017

What Facebook Has Become

Want to learn about the state of Facebook and how you can use it to network your business? If so, continue reading for the answers!

Except for the occasional business article, pop-culture blunder, or Donald Trump’s mockery, Facebook has succumbed to nothing but irrelevant-shared ‘viral’ content from people I had no idea I was friends with. This blog is going to cover ‘What Facebook Has Become’ from the good and the bad.

As much as we like to think we’re extremely busy and have no time for anything (or anyone), it’s funny how we still catch ourselves watching a video of cats being startled by cucumbers or a young kid pranking his mom (don’t pretend you’ve seen neither).

However, without being to cliché, today I want to congratulate and thank Mark Zuckerberg.

No, this congratulations is not for the birth of his new baby girl (Max), or for vowing to donate 99% of his FB stock to charity, but for introducing Facebook Memories this past March.

Facebook Memories

Not only is this increasing the number of time users spend on his social media platform, but ‘Memories’ is helping spark old relationships by re-engaging users with some of the most influential moments and achievements of their lives.

The significance of this update is two-fold, as it’s truly inspired me to share this first blog post.

  1. The Law of Attraction (LOA Experiment)
  2. Life Purpose (I’ll touch on this in my 2nd blog)

The LOA Experiment

One of my good friends and I took it upon ourselves to leverage this ‘Memories’ update, along with our own social media network, to start our own study – we’re calling it the LOA Experiment (Law of Attraction).

No, this isn’t a new concept, but when’s the last time you talked to a high school friend or an old college buddy you met in English 101? Exactly!

This isn’t necessarily the same exact concept from The Secret or anything written by Abraham-Hicks and countless others. Regardless of your belief in the Law of Attraction, this has more to do with staying in touch with people to improve your happiness, intelligence, and connections in your business and personal life.

With the amount of technology and resources at our disposal, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t stay in touch with old friends or acquaintances, even if it’s simply getting an update on the latest in their lives.

Who knows what could come from a 5-minute phone call? Just try it, and if they don’t answer then leave a voicemail. Try reaching out to someone new once/day for an entire week and keep track of the conversation, making sure to takes notes and follow-up. Trust me — you’re going to be glad you did and will feel much better about yourself afterward.

Okay, Mac, where are you going with this?

Well, a week ago on my Facebook Memories, “On This Day” I noticed two posts of mine that hit home and pulled at my heart-strings, reminding me of the fond memories in my life.

Yes, we all love reassurance. So what could these old memories possibly be to make me feel SO blessed?

Facebook Discoveries

Well, the first was simply a Facebook profile picture of me post-graduation as a statuesque Heisman trophy football player dressed head-to-toe in my graduation apparel…pretty standard right?

The second post was a story from an interaction I had while fixing a phone for a customer of mine, which ended up having a significant impact on how I view my life.

I want to focus on this first post (profile pic below) from graduation in my first blog, and next week I’ll focus on the story.

what facebook has become

So big deal, right? Cool picture…I guess. Hundreds of Memories stem from this picture with Beaver Stadium in the background: first football game, tailgating, epic Big Ten wins, freezing my ass off, removal of the JoePa statue, and countless others.

Having graduated two years ago, makes you think about how much can happen in such a short amount of time and think about what has happened in your life in the past 2 years.

If the answer is, “eh, not so much”, you’re either doing something wrong, or you have a worse memory than my nana (bless her heart).

If you’re my age, then you’ve probably seen or heard of 10+ friends getting engaged, married or having kids. These past 2 months alone, 4 of my very close cousins got engaged! Congrats to them and all those who have found their soul mates. It must be an incredible feeling to find your true soul mate, but what about those who have found their soul purpose?

Is that a thing? Or do most people just go about their lives stuck in the same monotonous routines, waiting for their purpose to find them?

Do we even have a purpose? Some of us might never know what it is we’re good at or what our true calling in life is. Looking back at these 2 posts and what I’ve done for the past 2 years, I can be glad to say I’ve found mine (and you can too).


Let me leave you with this — Facebook was created for the sole purpose of bringing offline identities, friendships, and networks ON-line. What’s funny is that we no longer use Facebook (or any social platform) to stay in contact or involved in other people’s lives.

“Oh, wow! Jenny had a baby!” …. LIKE….. or maybe we’ll be brave enough to Comment!

Where is the personal touch?

Where do we actually get involved in the people’s lives that we care about?

When’s the last time you picked up the phone to call an old friend just to say hello?

Well, let’s just say you can expect a call or message from me. Better yet, why wait, if you’ve read this post than this concept should be at the top of your mind. NOW, it’s your chance to start your own LOA Experiment to reconnect with old friends and other acquaintances from your past. What do you have to lose?

Thanks for reading my first blog post.

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I will share my second blog post next week about the life lesson that I learned from fixing one Penn State professor’s iPhone.

law of attraction experiment

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