February 18, 2022

5 Things That Will Help Grow Your Business in 2022

Grow Your Business in 2022 with these 5 Things!

Welcome back to another Momentum Monday Marketing blog! In this blog, we are going to talk about how to Grow Your Business in 2022 with 5 marketing techniques!

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Going Digital?

This is the way to go if you want to scale or grow your business in 2022. According to Opt-In Monster “So far, 69% of Americans have shopped online, and 25% of Americans shop online at least once per month. The majority (59%) of these shoppers bought clothing items, and 47% bought their first item on Amazon.”

Check this cool graph by Statista and Oberlo.

Therefore, riding the digital wave is essential for your business. At least half of the country is shopping online! It is easy to be online and requires little to no investment. Having a strong digital presence will grant your business access to a new market. You’ll have new lead sources and new consumers to reach. You will be able to grow your business by targeting mass audiences, without spending millions.

E-commerce and online shopping improve User Experience, which is THE TREND to watch and strategy to apply for 2022. UX, or User Experience is highly customizable and automated through various tools and platforms. And, even if you don’t have the time, a team like Momentum can help you with this.

Need to hire a web designer? An online store manager? More info here.

Grow Your Business in 2022

1. Turning your Business into an E-commerce Site

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of goods or services electronically on the internet. It can also refer to other online activities, such as auctions, ticketing and banking. Today, e-commerce can help your business grow and stay relevant.

“In the United States alone, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $740 billion by 2023.” – Big Commerce.

Here’s how to turn your model (product or service) into an E-commerce site to help your business grow:

  • Define well what your product or service is. 
  • Find a way to make your services or products easy to buy on the internet.
  • Set a goal. The best practice is for visits to end in Conversions, meaning online purchases. So the ideal goal is for users to complete transactions online, and become consumers.
  • Build a site where your consumers feel comfortable. Personalized even. The e-commerce site should always be easy to navigate, fast loading and fun to shop in. Intuitive to their behaviors, without being too invasive. So, get some tracking set up and automations that improve UX on your site. All of this is doable on an e-commerce platform.

E-commerce Platforms

  • An e-commerce platform is a software application that allows online businesses to manage their website, marketing, sales and operations.

There are three main e-commerce platform options: 

  • Open-Source.
  • SaaS (software-as-a-service).
  • Headless commerce.

Of these, Saas is the most popular and easy. Software-As-A-Service platforms facilitate commercial transactions, product detail and web design. Designing a website, making it look professional and adding product pictures with details may not be your thing. Hire us

Some of the best Saas platforms for e-commerce business include:


Shopify is an easy to customize platform, with hundreds of free templates and thousands of resources. It offers easy app and widget integration. It is heavily built around design and shopping experience. If you lack creativeness, need easy integration with a variety of software, and want personalized experiences, Shopify might be the platform for your business. It is also well known for its support and customer service.


They are best known for their work with the creative community. Their e-commerce platform was spurred off by a need from that creative community for a light-weight cart (including cart recovery) to sell items. It is ideal for low SKU volumes and out of the box sites. Art inspired, yet sometimes technical, e-commerce platform. 


Wix is best known for keeping it simple with a drag-and-drop interface. Wix is most often used by entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is easy to edit, user friendly and straightforward. The platform prides itself on being a solution for both beginners and experts who seek ease with little or no design background.

These platforms will help with overall UX. For more information about User Experience in 2022, check out this article by Forbes.

2. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing pages with keywords to match the target audience. In this case, the target audience, or user, is searching on a platform like Google. The goal with SEO is to target words and phrases that those users are typing when searching for your product or service online. All of this is organic, or “Free” traffic. SEO isn’t going anywhere so it’s definitely important to grow your business in 2022.

Do a technical site audit and repair any issues. There’s software made for this. Run a report and make adjustments. Especially speed. Let us know if you need help or a FREE Marketing Audit.

Local SEO includes searches limited by a location. Targeting these searches is much easier because competition is smaller in a segmented portion of the market. Adding local keywords and Google My Business is a great way to improve Local SEO. Don’t know how? Here’s a video we’ve prepared for you for Google My Business and Local SEO.

And here’s a video guide of our SEO services to Help Grow Your Business:

3. Get Help Creating Content

To be in this game, and win, you will need content. And content needs designing. Web banners, profile pictures, promo offers, etc. Your business will need Design Tools to make it. Creating content takes time, effort, inspiration and wit. 

But there’s a ton of apps and online software that already do that!

Here is a list of free tools for designing content to help Grow Your Business in 2022.

canva online design software to create content
4. Social Media

Yep, this again.

There is no escaping Social Media if you want to scale your business. For example, here are some social media statistics according to StatusBrew:

  • Active social media users have passed the 4.55 billion mark.
  • The average daily usage of social media is 2 hours and 27 minutes.
  • Facebook has 2895 million MAU (monthly active users).
  • Instagram has 1393 million MAU.
  • Twitter has 363 million MAU.
  • Pinterest has 454 million MAU.
  • YouTube has 2291 million MAU.

Check out this cool infographic by StatusBrew.

Your business needs an online presence, and that is a fact. Social Media profiles would be a place to start. “In 2020, the average daily time spent on social media by U.S. users amounted to 65 minutes.” – Statista. For most people, the time spent on those platforms is even more. Social Media channels have evolved to become a heaven for consumption, especially media. Gossip spreads like a pandemic in Social Media, viral content is shared throughout the world, becoming global knowledge. Globalization has been made in part possible thanks to social media. It is so normalized now, but it takes seconds for information to travel the world! 

This is why Social Media is so important for Brands and companies. It brings your business closer to its consumers. It keeps an open communication channel to your audience. You can keep them informed about your business and services, share relevant content, and even advertise to selected audiences. 

Currently, that is exactly how Social Media is reshaping commerce and UX. User experience is quickly becoming the most important trait to have for E-commerce businesses. UX is about making the shopping experience a seamless and enjoyable journey. Consumers want value, confidence and ease when shopping. And users crave valuable experiences. From the moment they search for a product, to when they research a brand on Social Media, all the way to the check-out page after making a purchase on an e-commerce site.

The relationship between Social Media and user experience is so important, that having social media profiles with updated content help with your site’s SEO rankings

Social Media will give your business exposure. You will have the opportunity to directly connect with your consumers. This is the opportunity to create a community, increase brand awareness and establish trust.

You do not need a website to create social media profiles. It’s fairly simple and easy. Research and select a handful of channels, keep profiles updated, post often and make the content experience a bonus for your audience.

5. Scheduling, Reporting and Automation

You can either post manually each piece of content, or use an app, or software that manages this for you. With the Social Media shopping boom, scheduling platforms have gotten better and more efficient. Most, allow for personalized reports, multi-channel scheduling, and posting. 

These apps often offer integration and automation with other software like email marketing. Some of the best tools out there include:

  • Facebook Business Manager

This is a must. This will allow you to manage all of the aspects of your Facebook Page and Facebook Ads. Including Instagram. It offers better segmentation, budget control, and customizable audiences when targeting Facebook and Instagram ads.   

  • Later

Easy drag and drop or manually schedule posts on multiple channels. Automatically publish content. Plan your posts visually and track their performance with reports. Later has got some of the best stuff out there.

  • Loomly

Its main sale is teamwork. Space where many can collaborate on projects. This works best with medium sized teams or bigger. 

  • Monday

This is a fairly new comer to the scheduling tool business. But its project management and organizational tools are useful.

  • Hootsuite

It is a solid classic and dependable software that offers a variety of solutions for your social media needs.

automating to Grow Your Business in 2022

In conclusion, you need digital tools to grow your business in 2022.

If your intention is to increase sales and find new customers, E-commerce is the solution for your small business. There are countless free and paid tools out there to help you in your journey to grow. Scaling today is easier than ever thanks in part to the popularity of digital tools for businesses.

STOP wasting your time on things that don’t matter and focus your time and attention to these 5 marketing strategies to Grow Your Business in 2022!

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